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General Motors has been accelerating the world’ transition to sustainable energy with full line vehicle. The company is responsibly manufactures luxurious cars which are comfortable and spacious cars. The company is great importance to the adoption of advanced technologies and quality. It is American based automotive and Energy Company, primarily engaged in designing and selling high-efficient and high- performance electric cars. The company is also engaged in improving its community and society. This is ways through which the company is striving to become world’s most notable automotive company.

5-Cs Analysis


General motors is the second largest and famous industrial enterprise. The number of employees are up to 80 million in the US and worldwide. The company is responsibly manufactures luxurious cars which are comfortable and spacious cars. The company is great importance to the adoption of advanced technologies and quality. The company has successfully created the brand loyalty and gathered large market as well. The company has combined the handing, style and acceleration with advanced breakthroughs and technologies that tend to make them most energy efficient and quickest cars on the road. The company has been visioning to be the most compelling car firm of twenty-first century.


The company has strong management and capabilities which ensures profitability and prosperity. The company is committed to provide the high quality and great products to its customers in order to earn them for life. The company tends to offer the high quality product to its customers. The prices are match with the quality standards. The company also tends to offer every range of vehicle to its customers in order to meet with their preferences. The ultimate objective of the general motors is to earn the customers. The company tends to invest in brands in order to inspire the loyalty and passion. The company is immensely engaged in developing new and innovative ideas.

The company tends to attract the customers by low cost and low prices of vehicles. For instance, the vehicles are offered at lower price than luxury and premium cars like Mercedes-Benz. Due to the low prices, the company can attract customers and it can pose a competitive advantage for the company. The ultimate strategic objective of this strategy is to improve the efficiencies of production process through automation in order to support the competitive advantage of general motors.


Toyota: Although the firm is based in Japan, it has also entered into the Australian market and introduced hybrid technology in order to gain the competitive market share. The home charging stations and battery packs are offered by the company for their Prius models. This strategy may assist the company in offering the electric version of cars at a different and attractive level of price.

BMW:BMW is the main competitor of GM. It tends to maintain nonstop progress in low consumption, low emission, luxury and high performance in the automobile industry. The company also tends to engage in electric car sales in the forthcoming years in the competitive market at competitive prices. The electronic vehicles will be named the i3 version. The design of their electronic motor is very attractive and BMW’s models, as always will tend to have a classy structure and design.

Tesla: Tesla is known for manufacturing stylish transportation. In the entire vehicle market, Tesla has become a market leader. This is because of the intense innovation and updated technology that makes it more notable as compared to other vehicle manufacturing firms. Due to the after effects of the World War II, a problem was created for car companies in their quest to strengthen their control in the market. The manufacturers of mass produced cars were unable to generate profit by entering into the United States and that went for Tesla as well. The founding team of Tesla intended to introduce mass produced cars but it was difficult for the company to do so because of the aftereffects of WWII.


The relationship between General Motors and suppliers is very valuable and beneficial for the firm because the raw material supplies by the suppliers is very crucial to complete the production of vehicles. Supply chain management is another competency of the General Motors and in order to improve the supply chain, the company has formed the Strategic Supplier Engagement program. Through this program, the company has successfully improved its relationships with its suppliers. The automobiles have been incorporated with hybrid battery technology, alternative fuel cells as well as the gas efficiency has also been improved.It tends to seek the broadest market share through distinctive offering. The resources and skills are combined by each partner in order to create value in the value chain management. The firm is pursuing its partnership with many automotive and non-automotive companies and operates approximately 13 brands.


The technology is a reason to become innovative and highly dynamic company. Since, the fuel efficiency trend is rising, the company can develop and manufactures advanced automobiles. The company can produce electric vehicles because the demand is increasing in the market.

Since the regulations are expanded on the safety of automobiles it is an opportunity for the product’s development of the general motors. The emissions regulations is another opportunity for the general motors to improve its product line. For example, if the company responsibly integrate and incorporate new safety regulations in the design of the product, it can ensures that the value of the company will surely be boosted. In order to sustain business and supply chain general motors must intensify and increase its efforts. By doing so, the company will succeed in creating brand image.

The governments are now favoring the use of low emission vehicles. Furthermore, the taxes have grown higher on the luxurious car. The demand of the environmental friendly cars is increasing worldwide. The government is supporting to such vehicles in order to ensure the low environmental impact. The rules and regulations imposed by government immensely effect on the revenues of the automotive business. The government rules can easily pass if the industry prefers fuel efficient technology which is low on emissions…………..


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