Market barrier Case Solution & Answer

Market barrier Case Study Analysis

On boarding and managing conflicting interest

Making human vaccines available on the international scale tends to require the complicated and complex use of production and distribution channels, which ensure that the products are effective and potent at their point of use.(Jon Smith, 2011 ). One of the barriers in the vaccine industry on global scale is the increasing variation in regulations around vaccines’ production and distribution on global scale. The significant differences in the regulatory requirements for the production and distribution of vaccine might require manufacturers and distributors to add regulatory and laboratory staff on account of the stringent standards in different countries. Such increased cost might be reflected in the vaccines’ prices. In the vaccine industry; a number of events could catalyze the changes in regulation as well as enforcement; many vaccine products might be made only for particular nation, on the basis of its legislations and regulations, thus limiting inventory’s flexibility and increasing the difficulty for logistics.

The manufacturers are also obliged to comply with the Pre-Qualified requirements of    WHOM, which ensures the vaccines’ quality, and is highly systematic and structured. A manufacturer needs to comply with the requirements of his national regulatory authority (NRA) & make adjustment to the changes in the regulations, including routine monitoring of data of adverse event, annual report of information related to manufacturing, such as: stability review, change management, data trends, critical investigation of unexpected trends and any process failure. The licensing of the products must be obtained by the country which imports, often requiring nation-specific trial clinics subject to similar compliance requirements, such as: global adverse event reporting and monitoring and routine inspection from those NRA.(Stanley Plotkin, 2017).

The risk and cost to manufacturer related to vaccine production have in creased , including an increase in vaccine injury lawsuit, removal of preservation thimerosal and regulation. Additionally, maintaining the interest of producer and stable supply sources of routine childhood vaccines contribute more to a significant challenge. The vaccine markets are dynamically competitive & lucrative with new suppliers, because of thriving nature of industry, increased demand of vaccine products, larger market size and desirable levels of vaccine innovation.(Officials, 2015).

Potential solution

Limited trial

Securing access to sustainable and affordable quality-assured supply of vaccine products, followed by robust and rigorous competition between suppliers; the strategic approach to vaccine procurement and markets should be based on contracting, financing and forecasting. With its partners; UNICEF tends to lead the work on an international scale; hence, supplying children’s vaccine to reach 45% of children all around the world. Using UNICEF buying power would help in accessing the quality-assured and affordable vaccine. With the usage of its procurement system; UNICEF also sought to expand the suppliers’ base, both to keep the prices charged for vaccine comparatively low as well as to make sure of a stable supply of vaccines.(Press, 2015).

Execution barrier

Interoperability of legacy system vs. block chain

Interoperability refers to the ability of different computers to exchange information, but in context of block chain; it refers to transfer real-world assets and ensure the consistency between disparate systems, hence making the issue harder to solve. Additionally, the lack of interoperability between the distribution system or supply chain is common issue with legacy application. A lack of standardization or limited interoperability and uniform digital infrastructure make it challenging to guarantee accountability and transparency in large supply chain network.(Sainathan, 2018). Over 6500 projects tend to leverage the verity of block chain solutions and platforms with different coding language, protocols, privacy measures and consensus mechanism. With so many networks; the issue is that the block chain space is in the state of disarray on account of an insufficient universal standards enable the networks to communicate with each other. Thus, the absence of uniformity across protocols of block chain takes away consistency from security – a basic process; making mass adoption one of the most impossible tasks.(Meijer, 2020)…………………………..


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