This Case is about ANALYTICS


In 2015, they ran in all four areas of the state over 200 shops. They mainly focused on supplying great quality trend at a remarkably low cost. Markdown preparation has been an important feature of the clothing company. It is necessary to comprehend the demand for fashion clothing is not year-round – influenced by present trend, variations in the seasons, festivals, and therefore, hard to estimate. A clothes retailer could go off goal  by either underestimating or overestimating the demand, with the former facet being common. Yet, not all designs sell as expected, leaving higher than anticipated stocked inventory, which needs an impetus. The impetus in the sector comes in the kind of ”ending of season sale (EOSS)”. Selection on the percent of markdown for EOSS is among the most crucial jobs for an apparel retailer. This action begins months ahead of the EOSS. The preparation team and the merchandise team sit together and produce an EOSS strategy at the design level. The crucial choice will be to quantify the amount of nonperformance of designs that did not sell as predicted and by how much to markdown for the EOSS.

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