Order Winners

Maria Yee operates in such a way that it offers quality furniture with the element of eco-friendliness. The other factor that adds to its order wining strategy includes its pricing strategy which is quite affordable, though premium but affordable as compare to other eco-friendly furniture. Moreover, the strong brand image as a socially responsible company offers it a competitive edge which on one hand supports the business strategy of the company while also establishes the brand personality and awareness that does not conflict with the business strategy.

Furthermore, the company wins the order by incorporating technology in its operation and function. The example of such is the replacement of harmful inorganic chemical in making of paint and polish by water based solution. The unique feature enables to grab more orders thus adds in order winning techniques. Moreover, the CSR activities performed and supported by Maria lee also attracts more customers, as with the trending behaviors of the customer base to be a responsible citizen in saving the environment.

Order Qualifiers

The strategy of qualifying any order is to stick with the parent brand building strategy. In case of Maria Yee, the company maintained its brand strategy to be as green producer of furniture, which helped the company qualifying for the orders. Moreover, the uniform offering of the band promises through the tenure also adds to the company qualifying for the orders. Another thing which helped the company in qualifying the orders was the consistency and preciseness of the furniture with the effective allocation of the right resources at right place. This included the availability of the product and the market presence.

The long term presence of the company in the market also guarantees the performance and quality offered by the product. This also enables the company build strong trust through its consistent offerings. Moreover, the long term sustainability of the bard in the market also enables it to attract more customers due to pre-build goodwill and helps in negotiating price with the customer, due to strong brand image and the trust.


The company, Maria Yee uses the lean operation strategy which means it procure its raw materials by self grown Bamboos which does not affect the tropical forests , furthermore, it manages its supply chain by establishing the factories in chain ,w here the labor is cheap. This enable the company make good profits margins and minimize is operation cost. Furthermore the company, in order to maintain its identify, performs as a eco-friendly furniture producer, and implements its green strategy in each of its operational processes. An example of such process is the use of bamboo and timber which is made on customization to make it least harmful in terms of waste and also offers a good quality of furniture.


Cycle Time

Maria yee reduced its cycle time by enhancing its functions and eliminating the bottlenecks. This involved the company reducing the number of defects, which reduced the cost as well as the efficiency. Moreover, the company developed the functions within the factories that reduced or enhanced the effective use the raw material, which reduced the use of raw material per unit, increasing the profitability. Moreover, in order to reduce the cycle time the company introduced cheaper methods and techniques within the factories that fastened the speed of the final finished product……………………..

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