Maria Yee Inc.: Making Green Furniture in China Case Solution

In 2008, Maria Yee Inc. occupies a unique position as a “green” machine home furniture Premium with two of factory direct sales and distribution in China through several major U.S. retailers. Yee, a Chinese businessman in California, founded his company in 1988 with motifs and woodworking techniques of Chinese Asian-inspired hand. Over the years, he continued the friendly, such as the use of renewable bamboo and wood certified green environmental principles. She believed in being green with a thoughtful design and manufacturing, not just marketing. The company has been a leader in environmental initiatives within the furniture industry. Yee but struggled with how to develop and become more mass market, while remaining true to its ecological values. The biggest challenge remains competitive price, since environmental innovations such as the use of wood certified organic or environmentally manufacturing processes tend to cost more. The company has struggled to develop a green supply chain confidence in China for wood, bamboo and finishes. He noted the challenge of getting consumers to improve the maximum environmental benefits of their products. And it is considering how to create greater brand awareness and developing new market segments and distribution channels for its eco-friendly furniture. The case focuses on the unique challenges that an entrepreneurial company is facing its full potential as a business while advancing its green strategy.
Glenn Carroll,
Maria Shao
Source: Stanford Graduate School of Business
21 pages.
Date Posted: January 16, 2009. Prod #: SI110-PDF-ENG
Maria Yee Inc.: making “green” solution for furniture in China

Maria Yee Inc.: Making Green Furniture in China Case Solution
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