Maple Leaf Foods: Changing the System Case Case Solution & Answer

Maple Leaf Foods: Changing the System Case

PESTLE Analysis

The PESTLE analysis of maple leaf foods includes the following factors; these are


The government policies regarding food have changed a lot of quiet recently. This has moved the people to eat healthier foods with minimum sugar and sodium content. This makes the people a little more conscious about their food and stuff. The “Health Menu choices Act” has established the legal notice to all the companies that they are bound to mention the total calories counts and ingredients on their products so that the people can choose accordingly.


The increase in taxes imposed by the regulatory bodies has the negative impact on the food industry. This increase the prices of raw material and therefore affects the prices of products and services. The high prices of products imposed by the tax rates has decrease the customer interest towards products and in most cases customers cannot afford the high-priced products. Subsequently deals will go down and company’s main concern will look distressing.


The consumption of food depends upon the consumer choices. The consumer prefers the healthy items over junk food. Therefore, the companies producing healthy products depending upon the government laws will eventually be benefitted and avail high customer’s attraction.


The Canadian food industry needs to work on its innovation and technological advancement. Any organization can benefit from the competitive benefit, assuming that they are supported by most recent advancements. Food varieties bundling requires innovation. This technological advancement in packaging makes it simple and less complex. Deals will go down and company’s primary concern will look grim.


The public authority has presented the lawful freedoms to the consumer. This implies that the makers legitimately will have to show the fixings and fundamental data of the items. This will assist the client with purchasing the items based on their own premise and decisions.


Domesticated animals and other horticultural natural substance are the essentials of the food organizations. Purchasers have a developing question that their items are sprayed by the pesticides that were showered on the unrefined substance on the ranches. The slow interest of meat items may hurt the natural life, and it has brought about ocean cultivating. Fast creature chase after food will annihilate the environment.

Value Chain Analysis

The value chain of maple leaf food is divided into two broad categories; (Bouma, J, 2000)

  • Pork value chain
  • Live poultry

Primary Activities

The primary activities of the company value chain includes;

Inbound Logistics
  • The company has outsourced most of its inbound logistics
  • Most huge effect on maintainability from pig ranch
  • Lodging framework costing $55k
  • Open farrowing frameworks
  • $28M into controlled climate staggering framework
  • $660M poultry handling office
Outbound Logistics
  • Diminishing course times/investigating new courses
  • Making transportation of livestock more agreeable
  • Low marketing tactics


  • Advance training and post sales maintenance

Support Activities

Firm Infrastructure
  • Corporate level finance and planning activities
  • Business level accounting management
Human Resource Management
  • Low R&D
  • High training capabilities
Technology Development
  • Controlled climate dazzling framework
  • Outsider video reviewing
  • $50M into a-list innovation to help creature government assistance
Procurement Activities
  • Good quality products and advertising techniques


It is recommended for the company to add competitive advantage through six sigma. This will improve the company’s leadership and performance in general. The dark belt part are the pioneers which executes the six sigma process and carry changes to the plans which can additionally work on the result in the creation line. Since the employees have the lack of knowledge regarding the six sigma procurement so it is recommended for the pioneers to train the employees regarding the process. This increase the improvement in output and satisfaction among the clients….

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