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PUBLICATION DATE: January 02, 1997

Mano Dura: Mobilizing the National Guard to Battle Crime in Puerto Rico (Epilogue) Case Solution

Madness and illness in the public housing system of San Juan, Puerto Rico (second largest in the US, nudged Rosello into thinking an unprecedented new tactic: using the island’s national protect the guards in order to cover the projects. Moreover, the newly hired candidate would take over the police who’d become frightened or corrupted by the dominance of drug gangs in public housing they rarely ventured into the apartment complexes whatsoever.

The National Guard, also, was a popular force on the island. At the same time, Rosello knew that there were risks related to calling out the Guard. Many in its positions were youthful and inexperienced. Prolonging the commitment over time would be expensive and difficult. Civil libertarians might be offended by the kind of tactics believed crucial to regain control of the projects. The recently appointed governnor had to determine how and whether to deploy the Guard. HKS Case Amount 1390.0

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