Managing Orthopaedics at Rittenhouse Medical Center Case Solution & Answer

Managing Orthopaedics at Rittenhouse Medical Center Case Solution

Moreover, compensations and benefits should be ensured to retain the surgeons and other staff within the hospital. RMC Hospital should base the pay structure according to the performance and responsibility of the each staff member. The management of the hospital should also recognize the faculty groups of RMC as they bear several responsibilities. The responsibility for each of the staff members should be equally distributed, so that extra burden is not put on any of the groups.

Q.3) how does customer contact differ between the faculty and the Booth model? Which model has better scripted their service blueprint to improve service efficiency while considering the needs of the customer?

Both the groups have been committed to provide greater healthcare to patients. However, the pattern of contact was different between both of the groups. The faculty group was engaged in research and training practices. Therefore, the contact between them and the patients were informal, since the patients were considered as the subject of research. On the other hand, the orthopedic group in the RMC hospital was responsible for the surgeries. Therefore, their contact pattern with the patients was different. It requires high level of involvement with the patients before and after the surgery. The surgeons are required to do a thorough screening of the patients’ condition.
Faculty model has its own importance in improving the service efficiency. It generates research and literature on the patients, so that they can be treated effectively. The teaching services were highly significant for the hospitals’ academic perspectives.

The Booth model is the major contributors to the RMC hospitals’ revenues and was highly productive. The goal of the Booth 3B model has added significant value in the service efficiency and in the patient care. By making the surgical time shorter, Booth model has helped to reduce the risk of patient life; since the long surgeries might involve the risk of blood loss, infections, and harmful effects of anesthesia on the patients’ life. The reduced time of surgery has also reduced the cost

Q.4 what decision should Neela make? Defend your answer.

There are numerous factors, which are under consideration that Neela has to consider while making the final decision about both of the groups. In addition, Neela has to keep both of the groups satisfied by any means. Since, the faculty model is adding value to the overall structure by providing literature and research to the hospital, while the second group is making a significant portion of the revenue.

Furthermore, there are two types of considerations, which are very crucial for Neela to make the final decision. The first factor is the structural strategic decision and the second one is the infrastructural strategic decision.

In conclusion, Neela has to design new product/ services, improve supply network, process technology to improve the overall structure and satisfy the faculty group. Moreover, she has to reposition the job description of the second group, deploy a proper planning & controlling strategy. She also has to improve supplier development process to avoid risk of failure and to prevent from future threats.

In a nutshell, Neela should deploy the aforesaid strategies to keep both of the group satisfied while retaining her key personnel for a long time. This will allow the hospital to stay profitable and competent…………………

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