Managing a Global, Inc. (A) TEAM: GREG JAMES AT SUN MICROSYSTEMS Case Solution Case Solution & Answer

Managing a Global, Inc. (A) TEAM: GREG JAMES AT SUN MICROSYSTEMS Case Solution

                Furthermore, diversity also allowed the company to hire the most competent and talented staff across the world. Since, due to international strategy and diversified pool of employees the firm enjoys a multi talented pool of individuals which skyrockets it sales and profitability.

                Conclusively, a wonderful diversity has been found in the case of Sun microsystems which is allowing the firm to distribute its workforce across different functional areas which is allowing the company to compete successfully in the industry and to address the issues coming externally.

                Where the company enjoyed several advantages of diversity, there are some drawbacks of the same strategy as well, which lead the company towards the main problem which was HS holding server breakdown. The first problems which the company was facing due to diversity is that there are several difference among the culture of different teams which continues to generate other issues.

                In addition, due to diversity the productivity of the company also declined since, all the teams became dependent on each other and due to this the main problem of server breakdown continued to last for several hours. Finally, it can be concluded that diversity played a crucial role both negatively and positively but it can be seen that diversity was the root cause of the main problem.

Role of Open Work Environment in case of Sun Microsystem

                Open work environment played a crucial role in the case of Sun micro system. Since, the strategy allowed the company to reduce its overall cost as compared to the close work environment however, this system also caused some hurdles and problems which will be discussed later on but the advantages of the system gave the company cost effectiveness, increased margins, flexibility, high productivity and effective communication. (Fortune, 2016)

                Moreover, the company saved a lot of cost by introducing its new work place system known as work from anywhere, this system allowed the company to save space, time, and money. However, this initiative was also in accordance with sustainability since, reduced number of employees coming at the firm reduced carbon emission and footprints.

                Furthermore, working at the same place without having different rooms and cubical allowed the employees to better communicate with one another while allowing them to cooperate with each other and listening to each other’s problems and queries. As a result of this the productivity of the company increased which directly affected the firm profitability and overall performance.

                However, there were several drawbacks which the company had due to the open work environment. Since, due to open and barrier less communication the teams of the company interacted frequently with each other. While the Indian team was feeling that they were second class citizens who had few agendas as compared to other teams and their problems reviewed at last of all the teams.

                While the Dubai team felt that they were incompetent and disconnected with the other teams and they were also feeling that they were missing deadlines while the French team were thinking that they were paid 30% less salary than their American peers having an unpredictable schedule. Finally, the US team was thinking that they had less vacations as compared to French peers while their work load was divided poorly.

                In a nutshell, it can be concluded that where the open work environment was giving several advantages to the company on the other hand, it had several disadvantages which were affecting the company negatively.However, these issues were leading the overall firm performance to a downfall and due to this the teams lost trust on each other………………

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