MANAGERIAL STYLE-Thomas Green Case Solution & Answer

MANAGERIAL STYLE-Thomas Green Case Solution 

  1. There was a difference and conflict in working styles of Davis and Thomas, as Davis was more focused on doing things on the go, without the involvement of the other team members, because he had been doing things that way as an executive while Davis was more of a team player, who had a strategic approach to accomplish the targets set by the organization.Thomas did not work on these grounds even after Davis pointed him out which made the situation more grave.
  2. Another issue was that Davis already had high expectations from Thomas as a Manager, which made him unable to see the hurdles faced by Thomas in performing the new role and instead of helping him out, he wrote the email.Over here,the role of the leader was required,as Davis had to put himself in Thomas’ shoes to understand his viewpoint and hurdles and the ninturn make such steps that could help Thomas and Davis to get on the same page. Unfortunately, this did not happen.
  3. Trust is the basis of building any long-term strong relationship, be at professional or personal, when people trust each other, they support each other through thick and thin, however this did not happen in the case of Thomas and Davis. Thomas did not trust the forecasted sales and strategic approach of Davis,whereas, Davis did not find Thomas honest and efficient which kept him informed of all his actions.
  4. The aggressive behavior of Thomas and his reluctance to diffuse and merge himself with the culture of the organization proved to be just worsening the stiuation . This behavior restrained him from accepting the loopholes in his performance and failure to learn new tactics.

Analysis of the Situation

Thomas Green was recently promoted to senior market specialist by Shannon McDonalds (VP) to work under marketing director, Frank Davis,and this was done despite Davis’ wishes. This case analyzes the power play in the organization due to the difference in the working styles of the two individuals and the decision, which Green needs to make in order to save his job if he wishes to continue. The group believes that Green should not risk losing his job given the global crisis of 2008, and the expenses incurred due regarding shifting in Boston.Thomas should have adapted to the requirements of his new position and should have kept a close ear as to what Davis was trying to exploit in him regarding the core qualities to fit in the role.This case further illustrates the power dynamics panning out at Dynamic Displays between marketing Director, Frank Davis, division VP,Shannon McDonalds and Thomas Green, who were promoted from account executive to her position of senior marketing specialist by McDonalds. This promotion was unconventional since Thomas did not serve as a marketing specialist, and was appointed without the concern of Frank Davis.

In addition to these factors, Thomas had different approach to work and perform his task,as he was reluctant to coordinate and keep his boss update of his next move, which initially troubled Davis and later became an annoying factor for Davis. Thomas was resistant to change his way of working which could be due to his lack of trust in his boss, along with the prior hiring grudges and different mindset………………….

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