Management Levels At Staples (A): Company And Organization (Abridged) Case Solution & Answer

Management Levels At Staples (A): Company And Organization (Abridged)  Case Solution


In 1986, Staples was one of the biggest office product organizations worldwide. It opened its first outlet in Brighton, Massachusetts. Within the 20 years since its establishment, its business expanded to 16.1 billion, including47 US states, covering practically all the states.

In 2006, the company was operative through 1500 retail outlets across North American country & therefore the U. S. retail outlets offered about 8000 product and services for offices, together with printing, mailing, technical assistance & reproducing. Every outlet prepared its profit and loss statements at the specific of total store level.

The manager was accountable for the entire functionality of the outlets as well as their transactions. The manager was always assisted by two paid assistant managers whom key responsibilities were to assist the general manager in managing the outlets. Though the competition was towards an increasing trend thanks to the growing variety of stores, its sales were able to increase, because it did not just rely on execution capability solely, as the company was also backed by its high level of client service and colleagues’ reliance on coaching.

The business was client-oriented to promote the bilateral communication on business and competitive issues. The company possessed the capability of operating the business and had efficient manager and assistant managers to improve the customer service, which is one of the reasons why the company’s values played a significant role in achieving success.

Problem Statement

The case highlights the responsibilities of the administrators at the level of hierarchy management in the United States’ Stores Staples Business Unit. This was the major supply company in the world. Simultaneously, this case gives way to a whole integrated package. This study was conducted on five separate posts, which were: store manager, district manager, regional vice-president, division senior vice-president, &the president of the United State business units of stores &, for every level, tasks, planning, decision-making, & leadership processes & critical choices are identified that were essential for the higher implementation & function of the organization. It includes background information on Staples’ organization and its strategy. (Garvin, 2006)

Critical Analysis


Store manager’s job is neither an easy job and nor is it extremely hard, but it is a highly challenging job. The company is branded for its excellent customer service, and every store manager is accountable for all the activities that take place in the store in relation to the sales. As an outcome, it increases the burden over managers who were held solely responsible to maintain reliability in the operations in order to reach the company’s growing target. It is hard to deal with every numerous clients highhandedly and to repeat the process of giving them information and responding to their queries on a continuous basis, which also requires a significant level of experience to carry out this job.  This is creating a real task for the managers to save the corporation &to maintain and even increase the service quality.


Visiting the store will leave the buyer’s with the first impression of the seller. Therefore, when store managers would be equipped with the qualities of effective leaders; they would be better able to achieve the customer satisfaction. It is important to train and motivate the employees to make sure that the shoppers have pleasant shopping experience. Secondly, it will eventually bring inspiration and assurance to your employees, allowing them to learn about the tools &to have the necessary information which they require in order to get the higher customer satisfaction rate. I can guide because only satisfied employees can run the store and have the customers satisfied.

If the store manager does not have good customer service skills; it can leave bad influence over customers’ buying experience. The manager is the person who is answerable tothe queries of each and every customer as he is responsible for all the representative work to be executed efficiently under his supervision. A good store manager should have phenomenal relevant abilities in order to be able to deal and cooperate with the clients effectively.

The store manager is profoundly liable for keeping an environment that emphasize over  the sharing of data and distributed bearing, while at the same time laying out a sensible objective and following updates. Since unrealistic cutoff times prevent the representatives and make them demotivated in fulfilling their obligations mindfully, bringing about the loss of client, as the demotivated workers often neglect to convey the normal client benefits that spur the workers into buying on account of the pressing factor………………………

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