Malaysia Market Segmentation Case Solution


Values, attitudes, opinions, lifestyles

 As the target consumer will most prominently be an audience that can afford luxury items to live in comfort, their lifestyle will predominantly be normal-to-higher standard within the Malaysian population. They are a relatively wealthy country with under 1% of the population currently living below the poverty line, and their average income is relatively similar to Australia’s. That being said, Malaysians often use fans as an adequate source of cooling due to the moderately expensive bills that can be accrued from a high-power air conditioner. This results in air conditioners being predominantly purchased by the upper-class citizens – however with the long-term cost-efficiency of the product at hand there will also be an appeal to individuals earning less than the very upper-class. Most home-owners can be appealed too when discussing the economic benefits of owning the Close Comfort product, and the typical Malaysian household (with much smaller rooms) is especially relevant, as a high-powered air-conditioner could be considered overkill and therefore cost inefficient when attempting to cool a less spacious area.


As the target consumers will be moderately youthful, a reliance upon social media can be expected from the Close Comfort brand.

 Close comfort should be mainly targeting middle aged users with disposable income. Predominantly couples who participate in care taking roles whether it be for their children or for elderly people (mainly their parents), in this way Close Comfort is able to use a marketing strategy focusing on the benefits of comfort and cooler surroundings within the humid Malaysian weather, and the necessity for this to ensure the health of their loved ones.

 Another potential target market could be people living in remote/rural areas who have access to a limited power supply. Due to the portable nature of the product, these people could charge their unit and could keep a portion of their house air-conditioned using minimal resources.

Marketing Mix


Basically, the company is working for personal air conditioning units which are cheaper in cost of usage and in terms of initial cost. Moreover, this unit consumes almost 20% of the electricity as compared to normal split or even DC inverter technology which is far cheaper in terms of electric consumption as compared to normal split unit. Moreover, the company will be focusing to target those customers who don’t need full room or home air conditioning but they required to make peaceful sleep for them. Therefore, the basic target market for the company will be couples and individuals who are living in the country for their jobs or education. In addition, the company will provide this efficient solution to its customers, which is capable of running in uncertain situations i.e. it will consume less electric and able to be used on generator and UPS. Moreover, our product consumes only 20% electricity as compared to normal split or air conditioning units however, 20% means almost 320 watt and that is equal to the electric consumed by 4 light bulbs. Moreover, the product is efficient enough to cool a single room or even in more hot weather the unit can be used to cover a double bed easily.

Moreover, the product only increases the bill by almost $150 whereas the split and other cooling appliances increase it by almost 600$ while using it all the night in one month. Moreover, the product has a capability of sustaining 3000-3500 BTUs while it takes almost 2-3 minutes to warm up the compressor. Moreover, another wonderful advantage of the product is that it can be used even the windows are open or close it doesn’t matter. Moreover, the company recommends that the product should be used when windows are closed. Furthermore, the AC can be used even in worst condition even when the temperature is around 44*C…………….

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