MacEwan Goes Global: Internationalization at a Canadian School of Business Case Solution & Answer

MacEwan Goes Global: Internationalization at a Canadian School of Business  Case Solution

It can be seen in new curriculum that MacEwan has added electives and launched baccalaureate degrees with which the globalization could be made easy. Since MacEwan has hired PhDs. Therefore there would be need to send the students abroad which could be costly as well.

Languages of Instruction or Learning

The second step for the analysis is MacEwan belief about the choice of language that could be used for the students to be equipped with international capabilities. It can be seen that majority of the schools were considering only English as the ultimate Lingua Franca for the international studies. However, MacEwan strongly emphases on the multilingual approach in which the students would be taught and instructs in other languages as well which could help in their future ahead. This could not be challenging for MacEwan since the city is equipped with a number of different cultures that can help in resolving the issue cheaply.

Student Diversity (MCKENNA, 2015)

In order to achieve the desired task, the next major challenge for MacEwan is to focus on the student dimensions which include its diversity. With the above Pest study of the city, It can be seen that the residents of the city constitute a huge population of diversified students which are easily meeting this criterion in the globalization of MacEwan with no significant cost.

 Student Global Experience

From the above PEST analysis, it can be seen that the major proportion of the overall export of Canada is from Alberta and MacEwan has also incorporate international studies its core curriculum which strongly suggest that the college with the help of the government could send their students abroad to gain the real examples and experience of globalization.

Cross Cultural Diversity in Faculty

This could be highly challenging for MacEwan because of its associated cost. However, it can be seen that MacEwan has already hired PhDs. From abroad who can significantly share their knowledge and experience to the students of MacEwan, which can help in various job prospects for their future.

Faculty Global Experience

The last but not the least factor is the experience that should be gained by the existing faculty members of globalization which could provide significant confidence and enhanced knowledge to meet the desired objectives. It is highly challenging for MacEwan because a wrong message if delivered to the international students by the national faculty member could cause an alarming situation for the reputation of the college as well as city.


In order to optimally evaluate the performance of this initiative over the period, a benchmark should be set which could compare against the State Education System. It can be seen that the significant benchmark in this scenario could be the World Class Education (Stewart, 2012) who deals internationally in the presence of global leaders. It can be seen that MacEwan has yet to do much work in order to improve its current education system and strengthen the capabilities of their students in a global perspective.

With the help of bench marking, MacEwan could align its overall performance in order to achieve the desired goal of globalization in an efficient manner. The overall scenario could help the government in increasing its export revenues further and have the sound balance of payment with which country could focus on various investment alternatives projects……………..

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