Lowe’s Company Inc Case Solution & Answer

Lowe’s Company Inc Case Solution


Anderson was looking for the best investment after her retirement plan. Anderson’s initial objective was to get growth in her investment portfolio. Most investors were looking at the growth-based portfolio, average risk in investment, analyzing the financial statements of that company and long-run investment plan with a certain risk, and in addition to this, they were also looking for a higher return on their investment. Anderson had not invested any funds on projects for 20 years. She wanted to maximize the return on her portfolio to accomplish the capital gain.

Problem Statement

Anderson was examining the portfolio of her investments. She wanted to buy the new equities before the season of RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Plan). She had desired to invest in the home renovation industry,such as: Lowe’s. Lowe’s was a home renovation industry in America, which was expected to make an expansion of its business into the Canadian market as well. Anderson had received the financial reports of Lowe’s with three years’ data of financial statements. She examined Lowe’s previous financial performance, corporate strategy and also evaluated the risk & opportunities associated with Lowe’s. After examining the entire details; she decided to invest in Lowe’s, based on the result of her analysis. (Dunn, 2012)

SWOT Analysis


Lowe’s is the second-biggest home renovation industry in the world. It provide sits services to its customers at a lower rate. Lowe’s hasa strong awareness of the brand in the American market. It is mature and has a whole distribution system in America. It has achieved strong position of market share in America through continuous innovation in its products and services in order to satisfy the customer’s wants. Lowe’s has also achieved strong social media presence to increase its market share.


Lowe’s has a certain level of relationship with the client during the whole process of buying and it is not offering after-sales services to the client to gain more market share. There is a certain level of involvement with the client, which is from the initiation till the end of the buying cycle. It is dependent on outsourcing manufacturing to ensure the good quality of products and services.


Lowe’s is looking for new marketing opportunities in Canada in order to expand its business; therefore, itis creating the social media presence to capture the customer’s attention. It should raise the new products and services to the targeted customers as well as the new customers. Lowe’s company should also create the demand of new customers through the free distribution of parcel to raises the client experience regarding their services. Lowe’s company should also expend their marketing operations in worldwide.


Most people are choosing e-commerce stores for purchasing their products and services and are getting their products delivered through delivery services. These threats could decrease business. Many competitors are available in the home renovation industry in the market, which could easily take benefit if Lowe’s loses its customers’ trust because of any mistake. Additionally, in the market of America; the economy rate is steady in the home renovation industry…………………..

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