Logistics Service Providers in Internet Supply Chains Case Solution

Logistics services providers and their intermediaries help add value to the supply chains of the Internet in ways that are not always immediately obvious. Therefore, it is not surprising that there is confusion among academics and practitioners about the best way to extract the value of these services and suppliers. Reports the results of a study on the role and value of logistics services and suppliers. Reveals that Internet providers to build relationships with logistics service providers in order to extract the value of the network of logistics providers and better enforcement of orders from customers. Internet Providers to establish these relationships to reduce costs they would incur if they tried to carry out internal logistics services. They are also looking for suppliers for access strong networks that include many complementary logistics services between Internet marketers, customers and suppliers.
Elliot Rabinovich,
Michael A. Knemeyer
Source: California Management Review
26 pages.
Publication Date: August 1, 2006. Prod #: CMR346-PDF-ENG
logistics solutions providers in the distribution of cases of Internet channels

Logistics Service Providers in Internet Supply Chains Case Solution
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