Lincoln Financial Meets the Financial Crisis Case Solution

In March 2009, CEO Dennis Glass Lincoln Financial Group faced a difficult decision on how it would recapitalize its business, which could quickly drop to dangerously low levels, due to the financial crisis. Although the cost of capital in the private sector was much higher than a government bailout, but also comes with conditions, including restrictions on executive compensation, limitations on dividends and the potential damage to the brand of the company with their groups of interest. Glass must weigh the pros and cons of private capital against federal aid, or somehow combine the two. This case study examines the impact of the financial crisis in the field of life insurance and annuity policies in analyzing the options available for glass Lincoln Financial.
Robert C. Pozen,
Peter Spring
Source: HBS
21 pages.
May 26 2010: release date. Prod #: 310137-PDF-ENG
Meet Lincoln Financial Crisis Financial Solution Case

Lincoln Financial Meets the Financial Crisis Case Solution
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