Lincoln Electric Case Solution

The case describes the business strategy of the Lincoln Electric and the incentive system, and has the option of an overall strategy that the company faces in the future. Lincoln Electric is whether an increase in India should be the next step in the globalization of society. The company has enjoyed increasing success in China because of its aggressive expansion through both a joint venture and a set of control plants. The company is deciding how you could apply the lessons of the Chinese experience and the lessons of experience across Asia, Europe and Latin America, India. First, Lincoln Electric must have a manufacturing operation in India? If so, Lincoln Electric could enter the Indian market by the acquisition of a joint venture or by building a new plant in itself. If the company was to enter by acquisition, we do not know what type of evaluation that is applied to one of the historical societies of India. If the company was to enter into a joint venture, the question was: How could Lincoln ensure its ability to make key business decisions? If the company had to build its own plant, the question was: Is the cost of starting from scratch to be more than adequately compensated by the total control of the company would enjoy?
Jordan Siegel
Source: HBS Premier Case Collection
24 pages.
Date Posted: November 15, 2006. Prod #: 707445-PDF-ENG
Lincoln Electric Case Solution

Lincoln Electric Case Solution
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