Lenovo: Building a Global Brand Case Solution

Announced in December 2004, $ acquisition of IBM’s PC division by Lenovo, the largest PC maker in China, 1.75 billion made headlines worldwide. A report received in business, Lenovo bought IBM division that invented the PC in 1981. While Lenovo was probably the most famous brand in China, was virtually unknown in the rest of the world. In 2004, over 90% of sales of Lenovo comes from China, but with this important issue, Lenovo aims to become a global technology giant. As a new multinational with 20,000 employees in 138 countries, Lenovo needs a marketing strategy and global brand to expand its global reach. This means determining what was for Lenovo and design products that supported this request. In January 2006, 13 months after the deal was announced eight months after its closure, Lenovo is preparing for the intense scene that would come with its sponsorship of the Olympic Winter Games in Turin in February 2006. There is scheduled to present a series of Lenovo brand designed from the ground up space small and medium enterprises – as a very bold and risky initiative by many observers.
John A. Quelch
Source: HBS Premier Case Collection
28 pages.
Release: July 19, 2006. Prod #: 507014-PDF-ENG
Lenovo: Building a Global Brand Solution Business

Lenovo: Building a Global Brand Case Solution
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