Lean Implementation At Siemens’ Kalwa Plant Case Solution & Answer

Has kalwa plant of Siemensbeeneffective in attaining the lean implementation?

Off course yes, there were many contribution elementsfor effective lean implementation which are discussed below;

  • The clear direction and utmost support was being provided by top management of company.
    • The continuous support was given by Mr. Gewald, Global Head, he had lead successfully.
    • The general manager of kalwa plant Mr. Khandekar. He had demonstrated “walk the talk” through viewing his strong commitment by closely involved in the activity of implementationin order to make sure that the workforce have understood goals of this plan.
  • The target and objectives of lean was clearly communicated to entire team;
  • The introduction was given to office employees and shop floor workers in order to distinctly communicate regardinginitiative and objectives as well.
  • The clear reasons were provided on choosing manufacture of panel and VCB.
  • The development of team of lean implementation which included;
  • General manager of kalwa plant Mr. Khandekar, the head of both VCB and panels implementation team
  • Vedak have provide immense support for VCB.
  • Working groups from cross functional executives and team managers.
  • The consultant was appointed in order to take help on implementation. The tangible benefits provided by him includes;
  • Reduction in level of inventory.
  • The productivity among labor have increased
  • Improve utilization of space
  • Company have highly motivated and committed in implementing plan.
  • The leaders of group have supported the workers so that they have maintained the pace of line.
  • With proper training and guidance, the workersfelt motivated and encouraged to ensure this initiative.

What are changes that were planned to effectively implement?

Layout changes;

  • Fixed takt time
  • Workstations
  • Assembly line introduced

Support system changes;

  • Dashboard introduced
  • A fixed time to make complete discussion on escalated issue.
  • Training in order to ensure that the employees of company have right skill-set.

Vendor management:

  • Able to adopt Just In Time (JIT) delivery of supplies.
  • Able to support the “pull” philosophy.

Cultural changes;

  • Identical dress code
  • Sense of team belongingness

What are the three main objective achieved after the twelfth months of lean implementation?

The three main objectives achieved are as follows;

  • The throughput time of panel have reduced by 30% on shop floor.
  • First Pass Yield (FPY) have increased by 40%.
  • The productivity of workers have increased by 30%

What are the remainingprocess for implementing lean?

The kalwa plant must have a closer look over implementing lean to remaining functions whichare as follows;

  • Functions and processes of engineering department
  • Functions and processes of design department.
  • Supplier and vendor manufacturing functions and processes.

How was the change process managed?

As there are different sections which was needed to be changed during the theory of lean management for instance; design and engineering department, shop floor, and vendor and suppliers. These sections were highly reluctant to modern methods. The changes in traditional methods adopted by them have started with collaboration between Mr. Kulkarni and Mr. Khandekar.

In the first step, Vedak along with his team have visited to the lean plant at Maruti, they have also understood the importance of lean management, and additionally the American consultants have reached as well in order to corporate with them………………

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