It can be said that diversity is one of the most critical success factors for any leader, the concept of gender diversity can increase the confidence of the followers along with the positive image and perception of the leader. From a perspective of the organization or corporation, diversity is acritical factor in ensuring the long-term survival of the company. The company can take a better understanding of the claims of awider range of stakeholders if they have the management which comes from diverse backgrounds. It is aninherent limitation of human that a single human cannot understand the claims of every individual because of limited exposure to the thinking of a particular stakeholder.

A true leader understands the need and importance of diversity in every aspect of the organization. It is the responsibility of the leader of the organization to maintain diversity among the organization, failure to maintain diversity can have very adverse consequences on various organizational aspects. The company will unable to address the changing needs of the customers and they will also fails to address various issues of customers and other stakeholders as well.

Job satisfaction:

On the other hand, a leader also plays an important role in increasing the job satisfaction of its followers, the attitude of the leader is one of the most critical factors in increasing the job satisfaction and performance of the followers. In an organization, leaders are responsible for maintaining the level of performance of the employees; they owe a duty of care to the employees to manage them in such a manner that could increase the job satisfaction and to guide properly to all the individuals in the organization.

If the attitude of the leader is bad, the followers might lose the job satisfaction which can have very adverse consequences on the performance of the believers.Depree is right in his assessment that a leader has very huge responsibility on his shoulders to maintain the appropriate level of job satisfaction, morale and motivation of its followers. The employee turnover will also be increase if the job satisfaction of the employees is low which prevent the organization to achieve their ultimate goals.

Emotions and Moods:

The emotional leadership is one of the most keycharacteristics of the assessment of Max Depree, according to Max Depree, a leader can greatly impact and influence its followers by targeting the emotional aspects of the followers. Emotional leadership is a popular style of leadership, under this leadership style a leader can influence thefollowers by the emotional intelligence, the followers greatly influenced by the leaders who pursue this style of leadership.

Moreover, the leaders who are in a positive mood tend to have great positive impact on the performance of their subordinates as compared to the leaders who manages their subordinates in a negative mood. However, it can be said that the emotional leadership is not an easy theory of leadership, a leader should have to possess strong emotional intelligence in order tomake its leadership more effective.As per the Max Depree, a leader should have to allow every individual to make adecision in their day to day tasks and according to Depree, a leader should have to give highest levels of autonomy to the individualsin order to carry their day to day tasks………………

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