Once the employees exert themselves on the behalf of the organization, then the organization’s outcome from the employees’ performance can increase. Organizational needs of the employees can be provided by the organizations if they have been following efficient practices, training and developmental plans. The fulfilled needs of the employees can be a motivating factor for the employees for performing up to their maximum performance capabilities(WR Evans, 2005).

Leading developmental plans of the companies do not aim to control the behavior of their employees or controlling the though process of their employee

Leadership Development at Goldman Sachs Case Solution

Leadership Development at Goldman Sachs Case Solution

s. Instead the core aim of such practices by the organizations is to enhance the skills and behavior of their employees so that they can perform well in the same industry with changed parameter and dynamics without allowing any negative impacts over the outcome of the organization(H Aguinis, 2009).

Key Aspects of the Leadership Development Program for Goldman Sachs

The company cannot simply adapt to the methods and techniques that worked for other companies as the structure and operations of the organization are significantly larger than any of the organization dealing in the same industry.The leadership development program must be built from the very base till the top. The program will systematically be eliciting the core concept of enhancing the work and performance levels of employees of the company.


The locations,which are the most feasible for the plan, would be the Goldman Facility being built just across the Hudson River in New Jersey. Location is a symbol of the cultures followed by Goldman as a corporation which can efficiently influence the work force of the organization. The location can accommodate large number of people in it as it has hotel facilities in it and meeting space as well.Moreover, location can become a physical symbol for the values of Goldman. Space for meetings, state-of-the-art training and conferences will be available for the organization to utilize for their operations related to the leadership development program.


The leadership development program should be a complete responsibility of the human resource department of the organization. The integration of the leadership development plan should be Goldman Sachs’ human resources functions. The facility of the organization should be an independent entity, which will remain directly associated with the operations of the company. The governance of the plan under HR will enhance the quality of their managers while remaining adjacent with the values of the organization. It will be the duty of the HR to function the program efficiently while making sure that the values and working concept of the organization does not get compromised.


The finest managers of the company should be appointed for training the managers at the facility. The leading managers of the company would be more connected with the organization itself. The trainings and practices will be of higher quality as they would be conveyed to the managers while staying within the cultural, social and organizational values set by the company. Appointing any outsider individual with great set of expertise might not be feasible for the company as they might deviate from the standards of the company. The reputable and well-known leading managers of the organization are going to be the best option for the organization in order to excel through the program.


The managers from the desired offices and locations who are operating for Goldman Sachs will be invited by the facility for their training period. Training period will not be lengthy one that lasts for months. The managers would be required to attend the sessions till a month. The time window per day for the attending manager would be of 2 hours daily. The training session will be compromising of light and interactive activities through which the faculty and trainers will be aiming to increase the level of motivation of the managers in attendance. The main focus of the training program is to increase the performance outcomes of the organization by enhancing the quality of their manager, and imposing heavy training timings and period will only act oppositely for Goldman Sachs………………….

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