Leadership at Goldman Sachs Case Study Analysis


The establishment of Goldman Sachs took place at the pine street of lower Manhattan, which comprises of around 15,000 employees, mainly known for collaborative forces. Considering the division of business activities, i.e. asset management and securities services, trading and principal investments, and investment banking. The organization’s management was primarily decentralized across all the business units. Based on the revolutionary leadership development plan;there is a need to formulate a systemic approach by Goldman Sachs for its leaders, without any interruption in their traditional operations of HR management.

The key challenge to the organization in changing the leadership,was not based on generation of more money; it was rather based on fulfilling the time commitment. The value is mainly generated through the process of adequate payments and an effective usage of market tactics. Similarly, the existing organizational culture is known to promote the personal benefits of the employees from accomplishment i.e. the concern to perform actions appropriately. Considering the Apprenticeship model;senior managers at the organization work closely to trainthe newly hired employees,as a part of their organizational culture……………………………….


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