Another issue raised by the film is that the good leadership relies on intuition rather than just on the logics. WhenLieutenant Daniel Kaffeevisited Cuba, he encountered the Col. Jessup and in spite of the hospitality of the Jessup, the instincts of Kaffee told him that Jessup is secreting something. Furthermore, a good leader must consider his instincts and actaccordingly especially in today’s volatile and ever changing environment. It is important for the leaders to rely on their gut feelings and past experiences so that they would come up with making right decisions(Maidique, 2011). In addition to this, The intuition followed by the leader acts as a confidence builder for the entire team as they know that overly relying on the leader would guide them during the uncertain and unfavorable times (Marcus, 2015).

In A Few Good Men Film, the commander had wrapped his assignment as well as he had gone over the board in performing the assigned purpose. The code of ethics has been perverting by him and the charismatic leadership of the commander has fallen into the dark side which has contributed to the death of Marine. The charismatic leadership of the commander has been described by Hackman and Johnson which are the pitfalls of the leadership style and should be avoided while governing;

  1. He has used power for his personal gains only which is not a leadership quality. The power has to be used for the means of the entire team.
  2. He has been censuring the opposing and critical views.
  3. He has been engaged in a one way communication and is not receiving the opinions and viewpoint of others which is not the quality of a good and great leader.
  4. He has become insensitive and uncaring of the needs of the followers.

Even though, charismatic leadership is effective and can bring desirable results within organization, it is needed that the leader must bea powerful orator and has a distinct vision. This type of leadership style needs the leader to utterly showcase behaviors that would create the impression of success and competence. This leadership style needs a strong articulation of goal (Baldoni, 2008).The very requirement is the shared or common vision for what the future would be; it can be explained through example such as Martin Luther King said that he has a dream. The idea and speech has provided a vision for the future to his subordinates, the leader expects that they would strive collaboratively for the purpose of achieving common goals together (charismatic-leadership-guide, 2016).

Thus, it is important for the leader within organization to avoid self-interest and personal gains because it would put him into the state of complacency in which he would not think that any change is required and would become satisfied with the situation or himself. Also he would become arrogant and would not give significance to the interest of the entire team(Folkman, 2014).

The leadership’s dark side is destructive and the dark side is that when a leader tends to make best of his leadership for the personal gains………………..

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