Leadership Case Solution & Answer

Leadership Case Solution

1.Myself as a Leader

During my journey in life. I have realized that a leader is the most important person who takes the organization on success and makes its settings. The leader should have professional and efficient qualities which support the team and makes the operations effective. The personal traits affect the most on leadership techniques and tools. If a leader is well-planned and logical then he is the best leader.

I have always been a demonstrating and influential leader. The main focus which I had was that my decisions would make my team structured. They will perform well if I will perform well in my leadership style. The personality traits supported me to make better decisions and work well orderly. Since my university life, I had always observed that my leadership techniques made my group always ahead of others. The only aid was because of my personality traits and my leadership styles.

Leader in a Neurologist Department

As a leader in neurologist department in King Abdul-Aziz medical city, I must make-settings, for example: clinics and emergency clinic related centers offer the best chances for working close by and understanding the scope of expert duties of numerous individuals from the medical services group. In these settings, yet in addition private doctor workplaces, magnanimous facilities, and treatment organizations, there are openings for you to acquire openness to a wide scope of patient issues, findings, and treatment the executives. Whatever it is you are doing now or decide to do to acquire clinical openness,

The first thing which I discuss my strength and weaknesses which I possessed from the leadership perspective.

1.1 Strengths

  • Self-Awareness
  • Communication skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Focused
  • Goal-Oriented

1.2 Weaknesses

  • Being too honest
  • Taking risks
  • Lack of trust
  • Spontaneous

I have always evaluated my strength and weak points that where I stand and where should I need to rectify myself in leading my team. As I have been goal-oriented and my purpose is to achieve the target. This evaluation helped me to overcome the issues and I worked efficiently as a leader. The main focus must be on the goal that what are the requirements of the Neurology department and what should be my strength there, the first must be to assign the task on the daily basis to my team members and take the feedback from them. As in hospital, there is daily patients check and balance must be done and what are the lacking in the services. Furthermore, the best leader must control and monitor the daily operations regarding the environment, criteria and the reports of patients……………………..

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