the mistakes you think she has made

In my opinion, the first mistake she made was, comparing herself to others, which made her question her capabilities and skills. She gave keen consideration to the people around her who anticipated that the reason for her success was being a relative of David. Her peers also thought that David lies to elevate her because of her gender and charming personality. These thoughts and rumors disturbed her trust, and in fact made her think of alternative options to get rid of such labels. It were these labels and perceptions which introduced second thoughts in the mind of Laura and made her look for other alternatives.

The second mistake was, she completely, submitted her obedience to David, for over five years, which made him strong in his stance and made him restrict the decision making to himself. Since David liked to retain employees particularly Laura, she could have shown her desire of taking further responsibility and authority for some of the matters, which could have ultimately changed the situation that she is facing today and the entire circumstances would have been different due to the friction she created by standing up to David.




3- Assume that Laura had told you that she is contemplating three options

3a- To stay at retail marketing


  1. Since she has been working for a long time in the retail marketing, she has good knowledge and expertise as to how things work, hence offer facilitation in working with the company.
  2. Due to her experience and support from David, she has been able to succeed to thestrategic decision making of the company, which if she pursues will make her a direct member of the board.
  3. She is the only successor of David in the organization, who David has nominated himself, and if she stays with the department for few more years, she will be the leader or head of the department.
  4. Since she is a senior in the department, she does not have to seek permission of others or work under the control of others.


  1. Laura wants empowerment and more authority in current circumstances which she can’t have until David retires from the position.
  2. She cannot continue her plan of studying in Harvard or Stanford University, due to thestrong influence of David on her in career planning.
  3. She cannot pursueher dream of becoming apartner, while staying in retail marketing.

Value attribution to Pros and Cons

  1. The first pro attributes to the value of self-esteem because her knowledge and expertise gives her competitive edge over other members and thus satisfies her self-esteem
  2. The second pro attributes to the value of relationship maintenance and self-actualization because it enables her to become a prominent face of the company
  3. The third pro attributes empowerment and authority while the third con attributes the conflict between the top manager of the company or the department. It offers a trade-off…………….

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