Knowledge Management: Tesla Motors Case Solution & Answer

Knowledge Management: Tesla Motors


Tesla Motors is a well-renowned electric car manufacturer which is headquartered in California, USA. The top management of the company has a vision of changing the face of motoring by introducing high-tech, excellent performance eco-friendly electric vehicles. The top management of the company also has a view of manufacturing electric cars in order to reduce the overall negative externalities caused by the conventional vehicles using combustion engine.

The management has set up its whole organizational structure, culture, and other elements of the organization in such a way that it confirms with the mission, vision and goals of the company, as well as, it also allows the top management of the company to achieve its organizational mission vision and objectives(Karamitsios, 2013).


The company follows Silicon Valley Approach i.e. the management focuses on constant growth of the company as well as timely innovation of its products. The company uses cost effective strategies in order to provide high quality vehicles at affordable prices. The company focuses on providing its customers with excellent quality products and exceptional customer care services.

It also considers making various potential partnerships in order to fuel up the overall growth of the company; the company has made strategic partnerships with gigantic and well renowned multi-national companies which includes Toyota, Daimler and Panasonic.

In addition to this, Panasonic is also a supplier of Lithium ion batteries to Tesla Motors, thus, partnership with Panasonic also enables the top management of the company to procure high quality supplies at comparatively low rate.

Knowledge Management at Tesla Motors

Knowledge management (KM) has been a process of capturing, sharing, developing and effectively using the organizational knowledge. It is referred to as a term that helps in achieving the organizational objectives by making the best use of knowledge provided. Some of the concepts that have been used by the firm are as follows.

Understand key drivers of business:

The first step of successful KM in a firm is to understand the key drivers of the business. In case of Tesla Motors, the key drivers for the company are the electronic car that has been the major source of revenue generation; therefore it has to be well presented in the market.

Get executive sponsorship

The third step of KM is to align the employees with the key success factors of the firm. Over here, the management has to make sure that the employees within the company have to be made committed to serve upon the technology that has been applied by the firm.

Analyze knowledge

This is one major step in KM. The reason is simple, sometimes the firms over rely on KM attribute and overlook other major or the breakthrough innovations. In such a situation, it is rather necessary that a certain group of employees are working towards achieving other objectives of the firm also.

Provide rewards and recognition

Tesla should also look to offer rewards and recognition to those employees who are dedicated towards achieving the element of KM. Since the most motivating factor for an employee has to be the monetary gain, therefore, Tesla needs to offer rewards and revenues to the employees.

Implement in phases

The final phase of KM is the implementation phase. This is the place where the firm has to execute the strategies it plans to integrate in the firm. The management has to ensure that the company and all its departments are aligned with the Km objectives and initiates….

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