Kinder Morgan Inc.–Management Buyout Case Solution

Kinder Morgan, Inc., is a leader in energy transportation and distribution company in North America, managing a Master LP with over $ 35 billion of infrastructure assets. In the summer of 2006, Richard Kinder, founder and president of Kinder Morgan, led a consortium of buyers to take the company private. The independent Board of Kinder Morgan must decide whether to accept the offer of Kinder and assess the reasonableness of the proposal, taking into account the conflicts of interest in the management buyout.
Nabil N. El-Hage,
Ewa Bierbrauer,
Francine Chew,
Leslie S. Pierson
Source: Harvard Business School
24 pages.
Release: June 26, 2007. Prod #: 207123-PDF-ENG
Kinder Morgan, Inc. – Exclusive Case Management Solution

Kinder Morgan Inc.–Management Buyout Case Solution
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