Jupyter Notebook – Linear Regression Case Solution & Answer

Jupyter Notebook – Linear Regression Case Solution

Core business idea

Our core idea for this business is to instigate sanitized data sets related to an online E-news portal. In this way, every visitor that visits to the website is allowed to perform an action that specifies their core of interest related to the business. This will help the company to detect their customer’s interests and determine that what customers want that if the new feature is effective for the customers or not. It will help the company to initiate the features that are most likely to be ought by their customers.

Problem to tackle 

The enrolling phase is a very important phase of a company, which means that whether the new enrolled-feature brings the user’s attention and brings up the company and helps it to generate more revenues. Or it can also bring down the company if the customers didn’t like it.

Like every other company, there are few problems we need to tackle to avoid any disregard; these problems are:

  • Our responsibility as data scientists is to analyse and determine the interest of online news portal visitors that whether the online page portal is an effective way of understanding the visitor’s purposes and interest.
  • Analyze whether the new feature attracts the users.

Data Overview

SNo Variable Description
1 brand_name Name of manufacturing brand
2 os OS on which the phone runs
3 screen size Size of the screen in cm
4 4g Whether 4G is available or not
5 5g Whether 5G is available or not
6 main_camera_mp Resolution of the rear camera in megapixels
7 selfie_camera_mp Resolution of the front camera in megapixels
8 int_memory Amount of internal memory (ROM) in GB
9 ram Amount of RAM in GB
10 battery Energy capacity of the phone battery in mAh
11 weight Weight of the phone in grams
12 release_year Year when the phone model was released
13 days_used Number of days the used/refurbished phone has been used
14 new_price Price of a new phone of the same model in euros
15 used_price Price of the used/refurbished phone in euros


Data Analysis

In this table we can observe the following:

The mean price of used mobile 109.88,

Minimum price 2.51.

Minimum price 1916.54.

Univariate Analysis

Uni means one and variate means variable, so in univariate analysis, there is only one dependable variable. The objective of univariate analysis is to derive the data, define and summarize it, and analyze the pattern present in it. In a dataset, it explores each variable separately. It is possible for two kinds of variables- Categorical and Numerical.

Some patterns that can be easily identified with univariate analysis are Central Tendency (mean, mode and median), Dispersion (range, variance), Quartiles (interquartile range), and Standard deviation.Univariate data can be described through:


Histograms are used to display the same categorical variables against the category of data. Histograms display these categories as bins which indicate the number of data points in a range. It is best for visualizing continuous data.

We can observe the used price in histogram.


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