Job Negotiation Analysis Case Solution & Answer

Job Negotiation Analysis Case Solution

Market AnAlysis

  FK international Oracle Corp Wells Fargo & Co.
Salary $61959-$105606 $44501-$79566 $55931-$82052
Bonus $1182- $13796 $474.03-$7626 $-0.50-$24240
Profit Sharing Not applicable Not applicable $559-$6718
Total Pay $60521-$112162 $44913-$84059 $50298-$94832
Gender Breakdown Girl 40% Boy 60% Girl 20% Boy 80% Girl 44% Boy 56%
Vacation Unavailable Unavailable 2.9 weeks

In order to evaluate the industry analysis of the company we have compared the activities of FK international to other competitors companies. After comparing the salary packages of FK international with other competitors, FK international’s employees are paid better than their competitors, At FK international, a financial analyst’s salary starts form $61,959-$105,606 which is higher than Oracle and Wells Fargo Corporation. Which shows that, when compared to its competitors, FK international has maintained strong position in the market. If we look at the overall analysis of the company, it is evaluated that FK international has achieved a competitive edge in the industry as compared to its competitors. However, due lack of profit sharing and non-vocational facilities, the company faces issues which create dissatisfaction among employees.

Common career path for financial analyst

JOb Negotiation Scoring Sheet (Out of 100)

ISSUE OPTION FK International Industry Average
Location Northumberland Road Balls bridge 85 90
Dublin 70 75
Ireland 50 60
Job Obligation Finance 95 85
Strategy 75 80
Accounting 85 75
Salary $61959 95 80
$105606 85 75
Bonus 10% 7% 3%
7% 4% 2%
5% 3% 4%
Vacation Time 25 days Unavailable Available
20 days Unavailable Available
15 days Unavailable Available
Start Date June 1
Prestige of company/job Fortune 500 90 80
Relocation Expenses 100% 85% 90%
80% 72% 66%
70% 65% 68%
Insurance Plan 50% 80 90
Education Reimbursement 100% 90 75
Work Hours 8 hours 90 85
40 hours in a week 90 85
Flexibility Time relaxation

Logical Reasoning of Job Negotiation scoring sheet

As the company gives greater priority to financial and accounting concepts, in order to compete in the market. It is their commitment to finance that has brought them so much success. The company established its operation in the city of Dublin, which provides the company opportunities to grow its business operations in a highly competitive environment. If we look at the overall analysis in the scoring sheet then it can be noted that when compared to the rest of the industry, FK international has a better competitive advantage in the market. As it offers better packages to its employees, which subsequently converts into a competitive edge over its competitors. The company also provides its employees flexible timings and through it, the work burden on the employees’ decreases and the profit maximizes alongside employee’s productivity. As compared to rest of the industry, FK international’s working hour are lower, which is beneficial for employees as the burden of work reduces and provide customers a sense of relaxation which is positive sign for the company. Moreover, FK international provide its employees monthly bonuses, which encourage employees to work harder and to achieve a competitive advantage in the market as well as motivates them to improve company’s operations which help the company in maintaining its positive image in the mind of customers and employees. However, the biggest drawback for the employees is that they are not provided with day offs. As compared to FK international, competitive companies provide leverage to their workers by giving them vocational days which are 2.9 weeks in total………………….

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