JetBlue Airways: Deicing at Logan Airport Case Solution & Answer

JetBlue Airways: Deicing at Logan Airport Case Solution 

1.Business Problems

Jet Blue was very famous and customer focused airline, it has grown with the time. We can take a clear picture of how this airline developed itself, when in us after 9/11 attack all other airlines was disturbed but only two airlines were operating and continued their operations. The business problems which JetBlue faced was the operations. Initially JetBlue was operating on small scale and its management system was according to these operations. But with time the demand increased for JetBlue airlines. JetBlue also operating in Boston Logan. The airline was using a deicing method to keep going with the flight schedules but still there were problems because that method was increasing the duration of flight departure and scheduling.

Previously, due to increased demand and weak communication among the employees, JetBlue faced operations breakdown and had to cancel all the flights. The CEO himself identified this issue and explained that due to weak communication among pilots and flight attendant. Actually JetBlue business strategy was low cost strategy. It was following low cost operating structure that caused the weak communication issues in the company (Bailey, 2007).

JetBlue was operating on small scale like point to point service rather than network service. In this situation JetBlue did not focused on the staff and operations. JetBlue did not invested in employee development, and on this stage JetBlue had no trained and skilled employees to come forward and tackle the problem, that company was facing. And work along his team to overcome these issues.

Other issues which JetBlue business was facing was that, the employees and customers had no interaction in this whole process of booking tickets and boarding. JetBlue employed women for ticket reservation and these women were working from home. Customers had no interaction with the ticket agents. Customers were unable to check the flight status.

JetBlue was never prepared for the sudden situations, like cancellation of flights and other emergency. Two time due to ice storm and weather Situation Company had to cancel the flights, but there was no proper channel to tackle this sudden issues. Only JetBlue cancelled their 98% scheduled flights.

2.Critical issues

The critical issues for JetBlue Airlines was not being able to respond to the problems and emergency situations on time. JetBlue was never ready for these situations as the incident of ice storm clearly address this issue. Another critical issue which JetBlue was facing was the internal management, company was not focusing on employee development and there was no one in the upper management to lead the company.  Currently in Logan JetBlue was facing the problem of inserting the Deicing, Company was struggling with the options at its Logan airport.  The current deicing method created the complexity in the departure process of the flights.

Along with these issues JetBlue was also facing a high competition, Airline industry is growing and competition in the industry is also increasing, the critical issue for JetBlue was that,  It has to maintain its position in the market and also offer customers with quality service and customer support service…………………

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