Question-2 what are the HR practices that make the key success factors (you identified above) work? How? Discuss each

Since the core of every business is the management of the Human resources, which offers the competitive business advantage in the market, and enables it to deliver the promises effectively. In doing so, the company Jet blue devised 5 Core values of the organizations, which propagated and shape the human resource practices and ultimately help the company in maintaining a strong brand image in the Market. In doing so,

  • The company developed an extensive 360 evaluation system to evaluate the employees without biases, this encouraged transparency in the organization and led to the unbiased decision-making process, which in turn helped the organization in maintaining its turn-over rate, leading to uniform productivity and delivery of services.
  • It develops strong training and development system, which trained the new joinees about the process and functions, and offered freedom and friendly open communication environment, which encouraged pro-active learning and hence enabled the company to devise better in the direction of selecting the best equipment and training techniques.
  • The company developed an in-depth hiring and selection system. In this system, the candidates are not selected only by analyzing the technical side, but also developing insight, whether the candidate makes the good cultural fit with the organization.Since culture remains the strong driving force of the company, the HR department ensured to sustain the culture in the organization, by selecting the candidates that propagate the values in future.
  • The company also developed a unique set of compensation plan and salary strategy, in which each employee is paid differently at different wages rate depending on the working hours and type of work it performs, In addition, the company also proposed the HR strategy of caring the employees, in which it offered the medical care and insurance with sick leaves covered to the employees. Working towards meeting the efficiency and motivation level of the employees.

By following the above policies, the company managed to develop a strong human resource team that worked endlessly in developing the better strategies for the company. It enabled the company to locate the right resources at the right place and at the right time (airbus decision) along with the high-level service offered to the customers in an exchange of the care, the company offers to the employees.

Question-3what other HR practices can be added or how the current HRM practices can be modified to tackle the challenges ahead that are described in the case?

In order to deal with the aggressive demand for employees in the organizations, the company must follow the following practices, in order to sustain the culture in the organization.

  • Succession planning- The company must devise the succession planning program, which will enable it to effectively elevate the eligible individuals to the allocated position, making aware of the resource that might be required by the company in the nest coming years. Since succession planning will continue, the HR department will remain informed about the number of employees elevate each year, thus matching it with the growth rate of the company, allowing the management to decide the requirement of human skills in next 5 years.(Paine, 1994)
  • Introduce Concrete measures to develop sustainability plan- Since the company has analyzed a sudden growth path in the market, it needs to develop certain concrete policies and guidelines internally that will synchronize the organizational structure with the external market. Since the growth requires more employees to be filled in place, the company should develop an extensive growth plan on the basis of the forecast, which will help it to analyze the number of resources it will require in the future to deal with the growth.This will enable the company to have plenty of time to find the right person and could be trained effectively.(Luxembourg, 2005)
  • Empowerment & Engagement-Since the operations of the company are expanding and that the sustainability of the culture in each domain of the organization has become a question, it is important for the company to empower the employees in sustaining the change in the organization.Since employees are in direct contact with the new employees, the empowerment wand authority will allow them to own the organization, and hence the span of control and monitor will expand, enabling the organization to maintain its culture through out the organization.(Trefis, 2015)………………

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