The thing that did not go well for the management of the school was the transfer of the old scheduling from the previous systems to this new system as it was barely finished two weeks before the start of the fall semester. The scheduling for the new students could not be achieved before two weeks after the fall semester had started at the schools and same was the case with the attendance systems. This was all due to the lack of ample and effective training of the employees of the schools with this newly adopted system.

Question 3: What are the 3 top Project Implementation issues that Carol Andrews will face? What do you recommend that she does to be successful?


There are several issues that would require comprehensive focus and concentration from Carol Andrews in order to implement the new management system at the schools and extract maximum benefits that it presents to the management of the school.However, the top three issues that she is likely to face are the training, programming and customizing the newly adopted management systemof the school.

The employees and the management of the school need to be trained firstly for effectively using the new management system and utilizing the benefits that it presents to them in terms of reduced process and more comprehensive information. It is necessary that the employees of the school are affiliated and well trained with the introduced management system in order to avoid lapses and issues at the start of the semester.

The programming of the software as well as its customization must also be achieved before practicing them and it is better for the management of the schools if they introduce this management system systematically school by school in order to avoid discrepancy and problems for the employees during its implementation. Implementing the system at a single school first will assist the management of the schools in generating the feedback instantly to review the process before going for a complete transition……………

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