JC PENNEY Case Solution & Answer

JC PENNEY Case Solution

The central issue that the firm faced is the change of distribution channels. The companies also faced many implications such as whether the social network sites are different marketing channels or not or will the customers give more priority to the social networks or the marketing channel. Moreover, the social networks are the best stations which offer a variety of products and services to the customers in a better way as compared to the personal shopping. The significant competitive issues that the company faced are changing of brand images, selling strategy and marketing strategy.

Selling product directly to the customer creates understanding among the customers and the retailer and through that the marketer understands the needs and requirement of the customers. Moreover, the company also enjoyed customer interaction in the product development process. Therefore, the social media sites create confidence and awareness among the customers about the brand image and performance of the products.

Question: 03



Yes, the social network sites are different from the company’sregular websites as it provides a different shopping context. The main difference between the social and regular website is that in regular websites the customers visit the site for the purpose of purchasing the materials however, as compared to social media sites such as Facebook, the customers visit these sites for many purposes andnot just for buying the product. On the other hand, the perception, mood and mindset of the social network site users are different from the regular website users. The research evaluates that nowadays online shopping has becomea byproduct which is interlinked with other activities engaged in by users of social media sites or networks. Therefore, the social networking keeps the people connected with their family and friends on a 24/7 basis.

The exhibit 1 shows the age cycle of individuals who use the social networks sites frequently. The exhibit indicates that about 74 of the users are engaged in the social networking that belongs to the age bracket of 18-33. The exhibit 2 shows the ranking of social media activities for 18-24 years old. As compared to games, entertainment, news, weather, travel, sports, shopping, food and other activities, photo sharing has become more popular in the social media sites, and it is the most common activity in social media………………

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