Jaguar or Bluebird? (A): Mark Chan’s Decision to Stay Overseas or Return Home after his Expatriate Assignment Case Solution

This Case is about Global

published: 01 Oct 2003

Case A: Mark Chan worked for a British international in Singapore moreover was published on a worldwide assignment to its company head office in London. Case B: Mark Chan chose to relocate back home to Singapore and took a reduced rank position contrasted to the one he held abroad. The case stops with Mark Chan getting the very first measure to locate a brand-new task. The major training goals are to highlight the effect of a worldwide assignment on profession improvement and expert advancement, the career-related issues dealt with by expatriate supervisors and the troubles waiting for them upon come back from an abroad project. Household re-adjustment troubles are additionally highlighted. Trainees should assess the aspects that added to re-entry troubles, and check out techniques to enhance global profession monitoring and repatriation practices.

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