Is Your Company Choosing the Best Innovation Ideas Case Solution

There is no shortage of advice or resources on how to transform societies in the sources of creative ideas. However, as leaders of innovation campaigns veterans know, the problem for most large organizations in general, is not a shortage of ideas-this is how to find a good. As experienced managers know, delegating critical decisions involves risks. The company may end up promoting high ideas, not considered worthy direction, otherwise it can not carry out projects of senior management have been promoted had they known of them. Therefore, it is essential for managers to understand the mechanisms? PART when staff evaluates the ideas of the other, so that leaders can develop a process for the selection of effective ideas to focus on ideas that will make a real difference to the organization as they move through the funnel of innovation . In this article, based on research of more than 10,000 innovation proposals within a large multinational company, examines what happens when ideas are examined by a large organization. Top managers must design systems and funnels, where ideas that can promote are either (a) the directors elected by subordinates to promote their level or (b) an assessment of whether the ideas are of sufficient importance or promise, informed the attention of senior management for evaluation. In a sense, the real challenge in choosing good ideas is to optimize the balance between the cost of direct selection on the one hand, and costs often miss out on good ideas and implement? PART misconceptions on the other. The author describes the seven screws “” executives can adapt to their particular circumstances to ensure that the proposals and the most promising innovation that have a good chance of being put in? employed.
Markus Reitzig
Source: MIT Sloan Management Review
6 pages.
Publication Date: June 1, 2011. Prod #: SMR388-PDF-ENG
It is the choice of your business the best innovation ideas? Case Solution

Is Your Company Choosing the Best Innovation Ideas Case Solution
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