Section 2: Divergent and Convergent thinking

Three Strategies

  1. Assign the employees that are well experiencedin work assigned to the client company.
  2. Continuously maintain a check and balance on the employees by assessing the performance, and feedback from the clients.
  3. Provide training & incentives regarding their performance as well as ensurethat the employees are satisfied with the work environment and are well compensated in all terms.

Furthermore, the company is facing severe problems while providing the outsourcing services, because at timesthe team at the client’s workplace could not present the reports on time, and if the reports are generated, then there would be some mistakes in reporting, which could not be eradicated simply. Additionally, the high turnover of the employees is a major concern for the company to consider.

The company is the BPO outsourcing company that provides services to the clients to manage their payroll, receivables and payables and inventory management at the client’s workplace, but due to high employee turnover, no experienced employee is assigned to the client. However,an employee could only be considered as an expert if he/she works for same clients for more than six months, but still employees are not much experienced to manage operations of different clients.

At a specific time period when anemployeequits the job, thenin that case the client would be assigned with another employee by the BPO company. However, the said high turnover of the employee is a major problem since there would be systematic errors in the accounting software due to high turnover that would become worse with the time. Similarly, the system would be full of errors, and even if the company generates reports properly, it would not be able to prepareaccurate reports due to many errors in the system.

Therefore, the experienced employees should be assigned to the clients, and in order to maintain the quality services, retention of the employees is critical, because the employees while providing services to the clients become familiar with the work and organizational structure. On the other hand, employees should be compensated for the work they perform in the organization.

Section 3: Mind Mapping

There arefour biggerproblems identified in the company, however, the high turnover in the company could be theresult of four other subproblemsdefined in the groupsuch as; low wages; late sitting; over expectations; and performance. Similarly, the company has been one of the leading BPOs having experience in providing outsourcing services to the clients.

Moreover, the other major problems are the systematic errors and low quality of services being providedto the clients over. Among the said problems, there is also employee satisfaction problem, which has adirect link with the company itself indicating other subproblems of the unsatisfied employees creating a link to the core problems which the company has been facing for long.

However, the problem that could be solved has not been solved by the management upon over expectations from the employees. Additionally, when the company does not provide the clients with the experienced employees, then it would likely face thesame problem. On the other hand, ABC has to measure as to what are the international standards inmaintaining high level of quality work by retaining the employees for a long-term over the compensating them for the work they have performed…………………

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