Intermountain Health Case Solution & Answer

Intermountain Health Case Solution

1.Situation Analysis

Intermountain Healthcare is non-profit organization, which is based on the integrated delivery system of healthcare and management, which is in Utah. It has over 15 hospitals which are affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS). The motive of the organization is to provide healthcare services in the region of Intermountain. The organization has two approaches in its business structure: one is the integration of inter-mountain hospitals and the other is system integration. However there are some hindrances in the operations regarding the care of patients, because every patient is unique and needs different treatment than rest of the patients. Intermountain Healthcare IHC is believed to be the most integrated and well-structured in information technology, because of its monitoring, quality service, patient’s data recording, clinical decision supports approaches etc. The pharmacists are in deep association with the IHC. The operating area of IHC is in four regions: Urban North, South, Rural and Central, where they have the larger hospital as a collector alongside smaller hospitals. The staff is comprised of 3 rings of salaried physicians, specialist physicians and rest are outsourced employees. IHC has quite good compensation criteria, which has the salaries, bonus and profit sharing criteria. The governance of IHC has a good management system where 28 members are from ring 1 physicians, while remaining seats are for the community members and rest are from the local communities. Although, the management of IHC is efficient and their quality service is highly appreciated by the patients, which is the main reason behind their success.

1.1 SWOT Analysis

The internal or SWOT analysis are done to evaluate the position of IHC.

Strengths: The IHC has an efficient management and credible strategies where they perform at higher level. They have the information technology system which provides best services of clinical support like to manage the data of the patients, detection of clinical issues and top ranked physicians. They also have the widest area to perform their operations alongside productive staff which are always dedicated to serve their contribution.

Weaknesses:The drawback of IHC is the digitalization of every activity where they have some issues regarding the patient data management, giving protocol to every patient which has different medical problem etc. Moreover, with the help of advanced practices; the organization needs to face the obstacles to provide quality services.

Opportunities:IHC has many opportunities because of implementing its marketing plan where they can spread awareness to different areas where the literacy rate is lower. They can take the government’s support and funds to provide medical services where they can get an access to different physicians, which would help them in spreading the awareness programs and remedies of diseases.

Threats:The threats for IHC are because of the service quality where they can improve the medical services. As many other organizations have modern machineries through which they efficiently utilize the best quality services with the help of renowned physicians. Moreover, the low funding and budget is the threat for the organization which could hinder it from initiating its  marketing plans and providing adequate facilities to the people, especially for free services as the organization is non-profit which means it would have to bear the cost.

2.Assumptions and Missing Information

IHC is the largest organization which provides high quality service. The new plan and innovation strategy involves the innovated services and electronic patient’s records where every detail of the patient would be saved in the database. A long term plan is made, which would provide standardized care to the patients. Although, the strategic plan is quite good but there are some assumptions regarding the healthcare industry. The prior consideration is given to the prevention of the contagious diseases, such as: Covid19, in order to stop the contagion globally.Several strategies are made by the healthcare organizations to overcome such issues. The question raised is that if the other organizations start the innovative strategies and provide the best quality service to the patients then how would IHC deal and overcome such issues?

Moreover, the organization needs to change its culture and increase the number of its physicians. The Executive Director said about the increase in the squire rot area, which could increase the employment so that the productivity level could be increased. Although, changing the organizational culture consumes long time because the new strategies are required to be made and a wide gateway is needed to be open, which would create opportunities for the organization. The culture cannot be changed immediately because it involves higher cost to implement the new and updated strategies.

The other factor is the protocol of physicians which would create loss for the traditional physicians because their individual life would be passed into oblivion because of their increased professional responsibilities, which could eventually lead the physicians to quit their jobs. The assumptions can be made on the basis of the disturbance which the physician are expected to face in their personal life due to their professional one. Every individual has different traits and not everyone is willing to work as a team, which can cause the risk of physicians quitting their job in order to look for employment at other organizations. Moreover, different diseases require different treatments and there is also an issue of handling multiple patients who could have different attributes. The organization needs to take the competitive advantage which will take the higher cost. This can increase the budget of the organization as it would be required to have more employees who would cater the patients and provide the medical care properly.

Moreover, the new marketing plan of IHC which comprises of charitable projects, healthcare awareness and free services is the project which can increase the organization’s performance alongside spreading awareness regarding the diseases and their remedies, which can create opportunities for the organization to increase its productivity and work for the welfare of the society. The assumptions can be made on the basis of its new marketing plans and they might be provided the government’s support to initiate their projects in the remote areas where the literacy rate is lower and people are not fully aware of the new diseases. They can also be given the funds from the state, to provide the health facilities to the people and government can sponsor them on the ground of such development projects………………………

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