INTEL and the Launch of WiMAX Wireless Broadband Technology in 2008 Case Solution

This case is about Strategy

published: 23 Feb 2011


The case deals with the fight in between the 2 4G wireless innovations, LTE, which has broad assistance in the telecom market, and WiMax, sponsored by a consortium headed by Intel. It explains how Intel effectively led the intro of WiFi to introduce its Centrino processor and how it looked for to duplicate the very same technique with WiMax to start the Centrino 2.


Pedagogical Goals:

The case enables a conversation of technology merging, in this case in between 2 wireless innovations, one sponsored by the telecom market, the other by the computer system market. It highlights the techniques and techniques for releasing brand-new innovations that impact 2 competitng supply chains, and the value of power (unions) in the supply chain to promote technology adoption. It likewise perfectly shows the technique of vertical combination to obstruct or boost technology adoption.


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