Integrated Project Plan Case Solution & Answer

Integrated Project Plan Case Solution

Project Priority Matrix is a very useful technique, which could help identify the constraint, as well as it would help to identify which of the three should be enhanced whereas, the other would be accepted. The Project Priority Matrix could help in categorizing the different items in columns like constrained, enhanced and accepted.

Project Priority Matrix
Time Scope Money

It can be seen from the overall project description that the time required to finish the overall project is already defined, therefore the project managers are required to perform the utmost care to bring the project to an end on time. However, in doing so, the project managers are required to increase their budget of $ 30 million dollars as specified in the case in order to meet the project deadlines. Therefore in the project priority matrix, it is under the acceptable row, but obviously not desirable. The last is the scope of the project which is mentioned in the constraint row,as this aspect of the project is not at all compromised because in the other case, it could significantly affect the amount of revenues whichwouldbe generated from the condominium floors.

Measures of Success

In order to successfully construct the 12-Story building at Manhattan Place in New York, there are certain pre-defined success measures that would be considered with good care throughout the duration of the project. The different success measures for the current project are briefly listed and explained below:

1.     Safety Measure:

The first and the foremost concern in every construction business is the concern related to the safety measures in terms of each and every aspect of the overall project. It can be seen that the accidents usually occur which could lead to legal claims or financial losses due to certain delays that might occur from the contractors. Health and Safety measures should be strictly followed in order to prevent more injuries as compared to the industry average.

2.     Timings Measures:

The second major success measure is related to the scheduled duration for the overall project to start and finish on time with the help of various techniques applied.

3.     Budgeted Cost:

Significant efforts should be made in order to cover the risks of the entire project on the assigned budget, for which constant review of the key performance indicators should be done.

4.     Quality Measures:

In order to meet the pre-defined milestones for this construction project, quality measure is another significant factor, which should be given strong emphasis in order to achieve the satisfaction of customers and the other stakeholders of the project.

5.     Environmental Measures:

It can be seen that this type of business has vast impact on the environment which is also considered as the global concern. Throughout the life cycle of the project, huge amount of waste is disposed, which usually containsnon-metallic minerals and the other wastages in the demolition of building. It should be considered that there should be no violations that could hurt the Environmental Protection Department, 2000.

6.     Stakeholder’s Satisfaction:

The other significant measure of success in this project is the satisfaction from both the participant’s side as well as the user’s side. The participants must be equally satisfied with their work performed, which shouldalso be evaluated using the key performance indicators. Moreover, the users who will have to spend a lot of timein that constructed building must also be satisfied and based on them, the entire project should be developed……………………

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