Inside Intel Inside Case Solution

In early 2002, Pamela Pollace, vice president and director of marketing operations in the Intel world, wonders whether the company should expand its brand campaign “Intel Inside” for categories of products that are not PC, such as mobile phones and PDA. The “Intel Inside” campaign was one of the most successful in the history of branding campaigns. However, the campaign has more than ten years, the growth of the PC market seems to stagnate. By contrast, sales of portable digital devices – such as PDAs and cell phones – seem to be increasingly at a healthy pace. Pollace asked if the campaign work “Intel Inside” in these other categories, but Intel does not control these other markets as it does in the PC market, and it is not clear that consumers associate with Intel these other markets.
Youngme Moon
Christina Darwall
Source: HBS Premier Case Collection
24 pages.
Release: June 5, 2002. Prod #: 502083-PDF-ENG
Inside Intel Inside Case Solution

Inside Intel Inside Case Solution
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