1.      The sense of Responsibility:

The sense of responsibility towards the job and other duties sets an example for the employees too. A leader should have a sense of responsibility to achieve the goals of the organization. For this, he needs to keep himself motivated and encouraged to make the most out of his abilities.

2.      Vision:

To have a clear vision is very important. A leader not having a clear vision about the company’s goals won’t be able to make the right decisions. To evaluate different scenarios and what good they can bring to the company should be at the fingertips of a leader. (managementstudyguide, 2017)

Innovative Leaders:

The word innovator is used in business to define the people having the characteristic of bringing new ideas and methodologies on the table to maximize the productivity of an organization. Innovative leadership is the skill to create and influence others to introduce new ideas that can help the organization move towards its goals and produces positive results. It is a combination of different leadership techniques. With the arrival of new technologies and methodologies, the competition in the market is high, it is important for an organization to have such people on board who can come up with new, better and creative ideas to stay in the business and to keep up with the new technology. (wikipedia, 2017)

Some of the traits of an innovative leader are listed below:

  • Learning of Models and New Technology
  • Team builder
  • Observant
  • Networked
  • Risk Taker
  • Take Initiatives
  • Take Control

1.      Learning of Models and New Technology:

With new technology coming, to stay competitive and make progress in the business it is important to make the most out of it. An innovative leader is eager to learn new technology and willing to test and apply new methodologies in the organization.

2.      Team Builder:

To achieve the set targets, an innovative leader works with a team of skillful members. He makes sure that each of the members is skilled in his domain and is contributing his part to the success of the organization. No team member has goals apart from those of the organization. When everyone will make efforts to achieve the sole purpose, the progress would be visible.

3.      Observant:

An innovative leader is observant. He analyzes all the different opportunities and scenarios that the organization may encounter and tries to come up with the best decision.

4.      Networked:

Apart from having a good relationship with all of his employees, an innovative leader has a strong network outside as well.

5.      Risk Taker:

An innovative leader takes acalculated risk. He assesses a situation beforehand and then takes the decision of whether the risk is too big to take or can be taken.  (George, 2016)

6.      Take initiatives:

Another important characteristic of an innovative leader is they self-start and direct other team members instead of asking directions from them.

7.      Take Control:

Innovative leaders don’t let the situation drive them but take control of the situation. They take full credit and responsibility for the results and outcomes they produce be it a good one or a bad one.(Tristan, 2017)……………….

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