Innovation at 3M Corp. (A) Case Solution

Describes how 3M Corp. introduces and teaches an innovative new method called the primary user research to understand the future needs of customers and the market. A team from the Division of Surgical Markets 3M methodology of primary user in the field of surgical infection control applies and discover not only new product concepts, but also a very promising new business strategy. It focuses on: (1) the approach to management of innovation and understanding of market needs 3M, (2) a detailed description of the method of the primary user and the potential applied to the medical business, and (3) problems managing the introduction of new methods in a successful organization.
Stefan Thomke,
Ashok Nimgade
Source: HBS Premier Case Collection
23 pages.
Release: Aug 28, 1998. Prod #: 699012-PDF-ENG
The innovation of 3M Corp. (A) Case Solution

Innovation at 3M Corp. (A) Case Solution
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