Infrastructure Finance: The Sydney Cross City Tunnel Case Solution & Answer

Infrastructure Finance: The Sydney Cross City Tunnel

Political Impact

The political law looks stable or at that place is symmetry in each monetary insurance policy than overseas policies. Little gambles over the armed war are Based on the lookup done via worldwide overseas policy institutions, it is Immune according to finish so much even is very short chance regarding the USA entering among an armed war with another countries.

Economic Impact

The affectation rate is certain regarding the accomplishment criteria to think about because Tunnel Infrastructure before coming into an instant market. A Foreign Exchange career is also an indicator of monetary stability. Tunnel Infrastructure has to intently consider the foreign exchange influx yet outflow. Several Tunnel Infrastructure rivals hold misplaced cash among various nations due to risky foreign exchange markets.

Social Impact

Decompression activities, convivial attitudes, and power rule buildings in class are wished in conformity with remain analyzed via Tunnel Infrastructure earlier than launching some current products as like her pleasure impact the demand over the products.

Statistical shifts between the financial systems are additionally an excellent social indicator for Tunnel Infrastructure by prophesying no longer solely general style into the need but also require for Tunnel Infrastructure products amongst its core consumer segments.

Technological Impact

Fifth-generation technology grade has main according to radically change the commercial enterprise environment in particular into phrases on advertising and marketing then promoting because of Tunnel Infrastructure.

Artificial Genius or laptop study pleasure commend upward thrust to value about pace above planning. Tunnel Infrastructure wants in conformity with build strategies in conformity with operating in such an environment.

Environment Impact

Environmental law may have an impact on the worth structure over Tunnel Infrastructure. It may in addition influence the value of doing enterprise of certain markets.

Consumer resistance is appreciably impacting Tunnel Infrastructure branding, advertising, and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Legal Impact

Health or safety norms into range over markets as Tunnel Infrastructure operates among are lax thus affecting the competition taking part in the field.

Intellectual worship rights are one location the place Tunnel Infrastructure can face legal threats into some of the markets that are running in.

Question No 3: Problem Statement (Threats)

The flourishing influence of digital gamers certain as much Amazon, Google, Microsoft, etc. may limit the maneuvering area for Tunnel Infrastructure and add extra stress regarding the marketing budget. The real estate market advertising method won’t work among instant markets certain so India then China the place strip is prized atop profitability.

Question No 4: High Profitability Alternatives

Calculation of the high profitability alternatives are as under:

  Eastbound Westbound Crescent  
Capacity 60,000 60,000 50,000  
Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)
Year Ending Eastbound Westbound Crescent Average
31-Dec-04               30,041                 36,626                        22,433           29,700
31-Dec-06               30,713                 37,597                        22,796           30,369
31-Dec-11               32,433                 40,137                        23,695           32,088
31-Dec-16               34,250                 42,848                        24,629           33,909
31-Dec-21               35,507                 44,409                        25,315           35,077
31-Dec-26               36,811                 46,027                        26,021           36,286
Semi Annual Growth Rate
Year Ending Eastbound Westbound Crescent Average
31-Dec-04               30,209                 36,868                        22,523           29,867
31-Dec-06               30,885                 37,853                        22,885           30,541
31-Dec-11               32,615                 40,406                        23,787           32,269
31-Dec-16               34,377                 43,002                        24,698           34,026
31-Dec-21               35,638                 44,569                        25,386           35,198
31-Dec-26               36,955                 46,207                        26,122           36,428
Annual Growth Rate
Year Ending Eastbound Westbound Crescent Average
31-Dec-04               30,545                 37,354                        22,705           30,201
31-Dec-06               31,225                 38,352                        23,063           30,880
31-Dec-11               32,973                 40,778                        23,937           32,563
31-Dec-16               34,624                 43,312                        24,834           34,257
31-Dec-21               35,895                 44,890                        25,526           35,437
31-Dec-26               37,221                 46,539                        26,266           36,675


Question No 5: Recommendations

After the calculation of each alternative, I recommend best alternative is the westbound as its annual average daily traffic, semi-annual growth rate and annual growth rate in all of the ending years are high which is showing the high profitability alternative because these rates are higher than others. And through this alternative organization can efficiently achieve all goals…….

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