Indiegogo Inc. Case Solution & Answer

Indiegogo Inc. Case Solution

Executive Summary

Crowd funding is when businesses, organizations or people finance a project small contribution from a large number of people. By obtaining the energy needed for cash flow, these operations can move down or open up new projects for the future. Most of these projects take place through online platforms, setting limit and setting specific financing goals.

Indiegogo is a worldly fundraising network that has the way from people to collect money for any project such as art, business, or causes. The network authorizes people to generate pre-sales and gain feedback from first-time receiver before making their products. Since its start in 2008, Indiegogo has been providing advice to the people and new business they are looking for and advising companies on how to run a successful firm like them and management team.

Millions of people around the world visit Indiegogo to uncover creative and individual answers to everyday problems large and minor. By giving entrepreneurs overall with a platform to launch new and fresh products, they help introduce new revolution in telecommunications, plan, and much more, all before going forward.

Encouraged by interest, the Indiegogo community has helped bring in more than 900,000 new ideas since 2007. Today, their help team has over 10 m powers, speak for 236 countries and regions. Always looking for new solutions to everyday issues, our society prosper on making elegant uncovering before everyone else. From live drive to constructing for technology expressions, informal people are relying on Indiegogo to know the new innovations in advancement and design.

Key Problems of Indiegogo

Danny DeVito at Kickstarter, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Indiegogo has been the 2nd leading participant in online donation event. Secondly it is not a bad place to be in a quickly spreading market, although Indiegogo has been able to get many top projects from people like Shaq, and even a crack Jamaican group.

As interest is in carry and financing for the general public has never been serious, as there is still an important possibility factor. Taking the difficulty of the Healbe GoBe drive – a wearingtool that automatically calculates your calorie inflow, hydration level, and tension level – a reporter studied that  the company that did the work and found little unusualguaranteed to Indiegogo promoters that their money would be safe. Healbe advertises itself as based in San Francisco, but works outside of Russia, and its non-sugar levels have been challenged by experienced doctors. Both the firms and the product ask a healthy measure of doubt, but the high intention of the project people enough to attract more than $ 940000 in contribution.

As there is advancement of technology in the world. But there are still some of the areas that need to be resolved and ensure proper Cash Inflows for the firm. And firms also need to give ensure to the audience that there money is saved and is invested in right direction.

The Company is not able to confirm the originality of any factor information that customer provide about it or their drive and projects.

And also, Kickstarter cannot ensure the identification of the customers you give exposure, nor can it ensure the obtaining of the guaranteed money. Indiegogo is like that language in its writings, validating that “Indie go go has no commitment to trust you.” The legal responsibility to secure that a given project is not imitated or otherwise falls directly into the shoulders of the financer.

Still Indiegogo does not ensure that the Donations will be used as used according to the plan, that the drive holders will deliver the advantage, or that the Drive will attain its goals. Indiegogo does not witness, license, make any presentations or promise for the quality, safety, ethics or justice of any drive, income or donation,

Indiegogo has a low limit on registering financing projects, as indicate by the doubtful campaign. In addition, the funding option – where the project collects all donations whether it achieves its planned funding or not – and the fact that you are charged before the drives run its course makes it even more dangerous than bearing someone with Kickstarter. This last service has seen bad products results and was not liked by the public during successful drives.

Background Information

The creators of were Indiegogo were inspired to build Indiegogo based on their experience trying to make ideas come real. Danae Ringelmann made the game but was unable to get the money from financers to take it to the next level. Eric Schell has struggled to get money for a Chicago theater company. Slava Rubin tried to increase money to find a preserve for several Myeloma, a disease that killed his father. After that, he had a solution. He can use the internet to bring people together to allow them to join.

Danae, Eric, and Slava started Indiegogo in 2007 because they thought that you should choose living ideas. You and your new partners need to change the world. It’s time to shack her and move on.

Relevant Facts

Indiegogo awareness is about 80% of Fundraising Meeting Terms Has 3to 9 Benefits

Benefits are rewards, encouragements, and acts of appreciation that you can build to help yourself to get more investors’financing to promote your drives. Creating the right amount of profit alternatives, with different contribution rates, is one of the most important pace in building a huge campaign. In fact, 90% of drives that goes pass its financial goal provide at least three benefits.

Schell, and Rubin made their concept in 2007, under the name Project. The site was underappreciated the S.F Festival in January 2009, with a focus on film estimates. In June 2011, MTV New Media contracted with Indiegogo to establish new content from site projects. In Sep 2012, the company raised $ 1.6 m in sequence funding, led by Ventures. In February 2012, President Barack Obama’s Startup America joined hand with Indiegogo to provide shotsfor businessmen in the U.S.

In May 2018, chief director David Mandelbrot resigned for his reasons. He was followed by former Reddit product leader Andy Yang.

And Issues

Limited content and Interest

The following satisfied, activities, and benefits are not permitted on our website, including any connected content outside of our website.


  • Lotteries and other forms of gambling
  • Benefits or other unofficialre wards, such as lottery, competition, expressions, accidental drawings etc.

Drugs and alcohol

Drugs or drug and alcohol tools cannot be marketed in the Campaign or given as a profit

Words (including nicknames), pictures or videos showing drugs, drug use or drug-related things

Investment and Profit Sharing

Financial motivation, investment restores, Security providing (as defined in the Security Act of 1932), or involvement in any profit giving…………………………

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