Inconsistency in Research Approach Case Solution

Formatting Issue:

In this Mock Lab Report, I found many formatting issues which has not been considered and organized properly. In which first of all is the alignment of text issue. The text is not aligned properly, that is why the presentation of report is not good as it can be. The second is margins issue. In the research report the margins should be one for top of the page, left the page, bottom of the page and right the page. In this research paper the margins are 0.5 for the entire research pages, which is not acceptable and against the formatting of the research report or paper.

Missing Table of Content:

This research paper has not attached table of contents which is very necessary for all type of research paper because through this table of content a reader of the research paper will get the idea that what work have been done on this research paper and from where I can get the particular information for which I was looking.

To make the proper table of content, the writer needs to assign the proper headings which need to be connected with the styles of the headings like heading 1 should be assign to main heading for the research paper and heading 2 should be assign to the subheading of that research paper.

Missing APA Style of Reference:

In this research paper, I did not found the proper APA style for referencing. Here the writer is putting the reference like a text. There is a missing style of proper citation that would be acceptable for the APA style of research paper. Which is the biggest flaw of the APA style research paper have been done by the writer here.

Absence of Abstract:

I did not found any abstract here, abstract although is not necessary for every research paper if you have the strong introduction but abstract shows the overall summary of the research paper which makes your report more valuable and decent. An individual who do not want that what you have done in your research and what are the consequences of your study then he or she can identify the main purpose and findings of your research by reading the abstract of your research paper, which will be just 150 to 200 words. After reading the abstract of your research paper, a reader can identify that the whole research will be beneficial for it or not.

Missing Proper Headings and Subheadings:

In every research paper, there is a requirement of proper headings and sub headings because the research papers are considered the more complex to write as well to read because it will help the readers to identify the main points in every headings and subheadings of the research paper.

In this research paper, I found that the writer do not provide the right heading for right material. First of all I do not found the any of eth heading when the writer has started to write. The writer starts the introduction of the research paper without giving the any proper heading to it. Then suddenly, writer starts the literature review of the in fact without giving any space of the paragraph. The writer started the literature review, information about the variables and defining the research questions and its hypothesis without giving any break of a paragraph.

In all research papers hypothesis normally defined in the methodology part where the writer firstly define the methodology then variables and their hypothesis to which the writer is going to perform statistics but in this research paper writer defines it in a top of the research paper.

Also, all the research questions are the part of the introduction of research which the writer defined in the subheading of introduction chapter but in this research paper they are defined after defining the past researched on this research topic and related to this research topic.

Missing Chapter wise Allocation of Headings:

In every research paper, there is a minimum need of five research headings. These five research headings are mentioned below.

  1. Introduction
  2. Literature Review
  3. Methodology
  4. Data Analysis
  5. Results and Conclusion

These research headings are missing in this research paper which makes it an ineffective research report. These chapters are the beauty of research paper, if the beauty is missing then there is no room to attract readers.

Inconsistent in his Research Approach:

I found the writer inconsistent in his research approach. Because he told that the sample size consists of 50 adolescents (22 participants for DCD group and 28 for Control group) but in actually the sample size consists of 60 adolescents (22 participants for DCD group and 28 for Control group).

Another inconsistency I have found in the list of variables. Writer said that there are the six coded variable but I found just for from them: 1) group: DCD and Control; 2) Participation; 3) loneliness; and 4) BMI.

These types of inconsistency are the biggest flaw of the writer in his research report because he is providing the wrong information to the readers of his research paper which is actually not evaluated……….



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