Implementing CRM to Build Lifelong Relationship at HEC Montreal Case Solution & Answer

Implementing CRM to Build Lifelong Relationship at HEC Montreal


HEC Montreal is the Public Canadian business school that is established in 1907 by the board of Metropolitan Montreal. However, HEC Montreal is the graduated business school of University of Montreal and it is known as the first established school of management in Canada. The institute is the one of the most prestigious university in Canada as well as across the globe while the institute approves its status for brilliance, one that ranges beyond Quebec’s boarders. Furthermore, HEC Montreal offers undergraduate, post graduate and graduate programs which include BBA, MSc, MBA and PhD in administration while the business school have a joint administrative MBA program with McGill University. In 2016 the institute (HEC Montreal) was top business school in Canada while in 2015 it was included as 17th top non-US business school according to Forbes reports (Chinje, 2013).

Problem Statement

HEC Montreal, is a leading business school in Canada and it have well reputed strategies that help the institute to achieve their targeted goals and objects. In 2010, the institute develop strategies in the response of the certain changes that were take place in the sector higher education and labor market. For that reason, the school go on board a project for the implementation of the CRM system to maintain and build a strong bonding with it’s past, potential and current students. The main purpose of the implementation of the CRM is to help in the development of the more comprehensive view of student’s lifecycle in the HEC Montreal and to project its position as the leading institutes of business across the globe. The case study of HEC Montreal mostly focuses on the certain areas which include the unfolding of the first phase of CRM application, the assessment of CRM project as one of the strategic significance to HEC Montreal (Wirtz, 2012).

Article Questions

  • Identification of the risk factors in the implementation of CRM.
  • For the mitigation of the risk factors in CRM implementation, analyze the project management approaches as well as deployment model.
  • Develop an awareness of the recommendations of deployment models i-e on-premises and SaaSand project management strategies which include plan-driven and agile to IT projects.

Situational Analysis

SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis of the HEC Montreal include the influential factors that play significant role in the development and downfall of the institute. HEC Montreal is one of the leading business school that is included in the top list of the business institute across Canada. However institute is facing various problems due to lack of certain strategies that are necessary for the institute.


  • HEC Montreal is the leading business school across Canada as well as across the globe.
  • The strategic information systems of HEC Montreal is hosted by its own data which enable the school to maintain a strict control over sensitive student data.
  • HEC Montreal have IT services that play a significant role in the development and implementation of technology strategies that help the institute to achieve their targets.
  • The institute have IS system that have role in the regulation and development of PeopleSoft however for the regulation of the core functions of institute HEC Montreal have highly customize enterprising resource planning system.


  • HEC Montreal have limited CRM system in terms of its accessibilities and features in Executive MBA and Executive education offices which leads various challenges and problems.
  • The application used in Alumni services to regulate the philanthropic activities have lack of features where the Raiser’s Edge worked in segregation from other services and required manual data entry. So, that is why it limited the regulation of alumni services of HBC Montreal.


  • The plan-driven approach enable CRM system to be functional and more accurate which play a significant role to elimination of various risks and uncertainties via accounting.
  • The upgraded system of CRM would improve the accessibilities as well as it would upgrade the features which help HEC Montreal to improve the regulation of various services regarding alumni services.
  • HEC Montreal have opportunity to improve CRM system which would help in handling of students data and allow services of students in the formulation of joint approaches to optimize the interferences.


  • The current trends have various impacts on HEC Montreal that increase the fragility of labor Market, distance learning, global exchange programs as well as student’s relationships with institute.
  • HEC Montreal is facing the complex and competitive atmosphere which strain HEC Montreal to put more determination and efforts into staffing and student as well as alum facilities and services.
  • The non-uniform collection of student data in HEC Montreal is the most challenging threat for school that might be an adverse effect on the reputation and efficiency of institute.


HEC Montreal is the one of the top and prestigious school of business in Canada as well across the globe as compare to other institutes of business while it have around 87,00 alumni since 1907. However, the school is facing certain issues regarding the collection of student’s information as well as in the regulation of various services which include Alumni services and other. It is very essential for school to regulate and improve the quality of services and efficacies through CRM system which enable the efficiency of school in the regulation of services.

However, CRM system would help school to protect the sensitive information and data of their students as well as the system allow school to regulate the services of students/alumni as well. Furthermore, it is very necessary to upgrade the traditional system as well as the existing CRM which would improve the efficiency and it would improve the features and assibilates in executive education system which would increase the potential as well improve the management of operations (Mantoura, 2012).

Although Raiser’s Edge is an application that was design for the regulation of alumni services but it had certain limitations which should be eliminated it is because these limitations i-e working in isolation from other services and manual data entry requirement. So, it is very necessary to add some unique features in Raiser’s Edge applications that enable the automation in the data entry and others.

However, the frequent changing of addresses are somehow challenging for HEC Montreal which can be improve by design a location volatility based application that would regulate the addresses and it will minimize the issues regarding the alumni services it is because alumni in HEC Montreal have vital role regarding donations. So, the up gradation of apps and adding of features in CRM system help the school to achieve their targeted goals and objectives….

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