Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Leadership and Motivation in Organizations Case Solution & Answer

Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Leadership and Motivation in Organizations Case Solution


Covid-19 has brought a devastating change all over the world. (Kevin M. Kniffin, 2020) The overall strategies have changed and so have the implication of SOPs in the overall operations as well as in leadership techniques. The organizations imposed the standard operations and the regulations, which are imposed by the government for saving the life and reducing the contagion of the virus.The effects of virus not just impacted the human health but also the workplace and its environment. Covid-19 is the main cause which changed the strategies of the working environment.

Apart from that, these implications are lifesaving, but they are also making obstacles in the workplace. Different issues are generated and the leadership techniques are also changed to make the workplace efficient and to decrease the expected crises. It changed the normal life to a different trend, which is new and difficult to practice. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this pandemic is a game-changer for the organization, like working in office changed to work from home, physical existence changed into an online platform, motivation and productivity of the employees became low and many other aspects arose which affected the leadership and motivational styles , giving way for different structures made in the organizations.(John Dettmann, 2020)

Effects of Covid-19 on Leadership and Motivation Style:

The aforementioned core issues affected the leadership and motivation in the organization and they tried to find the possible outcomes to cope up with such difficulties.

The solution for the issues must be sorted out under the leadership techniques, which must be analyzed before the solution and according to the theories and framework; the discussion is done among the leading members and further discussed in the peer groups. For this purpose, a large analysis is done and the possible outcomes that are analyzed must be coherent with the organizational problems.(Ben Ramalingam, 2020)

First, they analyze the crises of the Covid 19 that affected the health, economic and social criteria, and they picked the basic solutions. The 4 A’s reanalyzed for this purpose.

  • Anticipation: This implies the future scenario and the expected issues regarding what will be the upcoming situation and the needs of people.

Articulation: To analyze the needs and the supportive methods or framework to solve any mishaps.

Adaptation:Adaptation involves the implementation of possible solutions and continuous innovation in it.

Accountability: This helps in making the decisions transparent and aids you to meet the challenges and the future crises regarding how to make rational decisions.

Human Behaviour Framework in Pandemic:

Human behavior is affected by the Covid-19, and it focused on the pessimism aspects, for instance:

People were having terrific image in mind. They were focusing on the threats rather than opportunities and their prime topic was just Covid. Table 1s hows the framework of human behavior in Covid-19:

Table 1

hreat: The main threat of humans in the pandemic was getting panicked. They had the negative aspect surrounding them and every situation made them at the-risk of losing their lives. People were getting under stress because of normal temperature and the fear of getting contaminated had overcame their mindset in every situation.

Science Communication:Communication and the interaction of people were more harmful and created depression among them. Conspiracy theories and fake news were circulating, which gave hype to negativity. Human behavior was becoming irrational in the pandemic.

Social Context:The viral news and transmissions made the situation more adverse and people were having different behaviors, according to their beliefs and norms. The negative thoughts were spreading throughout the world…………………….

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