Impact of CMC on socialization and business practices Case Solution & Answer

Impact of CMC on socialization and business practices Case Solution

People use it to overcome their shyness barrier due to whether they are reluctant to talk face to face with new people, but by using such network, they shed away their reluctance through communicating online. In organizations, people use it or usually such systems are encouraged because it helps us to explore a new market for the business and industry expands in such ways (Scharlott and Christ, 1994). This tool overcomes many relationship initiation barriers like the appearance of party, nature, or sex role. Disabled people feel free to use such systems because of the feeling of inferiority that live conservations can induce. In an open environment, where one group is sitting, and one of them is a handicap; so that guy will feel inferior or his/her, colleagues may too leave him/her feel the same way. This is why it might be unfavorable for that candidate to continue in that environment. Feeling of equality is generated among the audience. In addition, with this motivation, they come in front of the audience and show their talents, which they were not previously showing because of severe issues. One primary thing, which all users should be aware of, is a cultural aspect. Every country has its culture or even in one country, there are many cultures. Thus, we should possess knowledge of different cultures while we are communicating with persons of another country because this will make our communication smoother and even stronger. The flow of information increases without leaving any boundaries. Businesses can expand worldwide by following this model without their physical appearance in those countries. The concept of online stores is implemented through using such systems and is famous worldwide. Many people are shopping online with the online payment system. Such interactive web models have given high courage to business expansions. Following are the brief advantages of using such system

  • Intercultural communication
  • Quick flow of information
  • Expansion opportunities
  • Provides anonymity
  • Open discussion
  • Relationship building
  • Independent learning environment
  • Flexible communication

These were few points, which are evidence behind having advantages of such system. Flexible communication refers to a scenario where a person is not properly dressed or is currently sitting in a non-professional way, so it is all okay to do so because we are connected in that platform, which does not disclose our current appearance is, at all. We are flexible to be connected anytime and in any manner. This tool provides anonymity means if someone is disabled and suffering from societal bias, then by using such tool, S/he can save themselves by using such tools because no one will know about them whether they are an able-bodied person or a disabled person.

Why shouldn’t it be used?

There are several disadvantages of using such system in organizations or personal life. For instance, it involves technological things and technology is a vast field. Day by day, new versions of such techno products are available in the market. It requires much time to understand their usage and feasibility. This requires a lot of energy and it is not feasible for everyone to devote their time for such social purpose. Many times, troubleshoot occur due to any mistake or heavy loaded data. Managing such situations requires a lot of tolerance in the audience. This creates a very tense situation for users of such system. Hence, it causes frustration and ultimately there remain no happiness at that time………………….

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