IMAX: Larger Than Life Case Solution

IMAX has been involved in various aspects of large format film business: production, distribution, theater, system development and leasing. This case illustrates the use of IMAX of its unique capabilities to pursue a strategy of focused differentiation. IMAX initially focused on large-format films that were educational and entertaining, and theaters are located in institutions such as museums, aquariums and national parks. However, IMAX found that growth and profitability have been limited by its niche strategy. In response, IMAX has tried to grow through expansion of multiplexes. Furthermore, IMAX has expanded its portfolio of film converting Hollywood films like Harry Potter and Superman, in large format film. This change in strategy is based on the development of technology capabilities – DMR for conversion of standard 35mm film large format, and to convert standard DMX IMAX multiplex systems. The change in strategy was partially successful, but the risk of losing their reputation only IMAX is running.
Anil Nair
Source: Ivey Publishing
18 pages.
May 15 2009: release date. Prod #: 909M19-PDF-ENG
IMAX: Larger than Life case solution

IMAX: Larger Than Life Case Solution
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