HSBC Credit Card Rewards Program Case Solution

By 1994, competition in the market for credit cards is based on the price (ie, interest rate and annual fees). After Chase and American Express have launched programs bonus points in 1993, HSBC was forced to follow in 1994. The initial program aimed at high-income consumers with luxury goods brand of redemption. Competition and consumers react quickly learned to expect a points program series. Again, differentiate their products from HSBC credit cards by adding a wide range of redemption, and the lowest levels of reimbursement. Problems arose in the years 1997-1998, the program has become a source of complaints due to operational difficulties in the implementation and the lack of a competitive market advantage. In 1999, the HBSC credit card was rated as poor, largely due to problems with the bonus point system. The research was used to understand consumers and revitalize the program. Significant changes have been made in the features, improving operations and selection elements redemption improved. In 2002, the program has been rated one of the best in the industry. The challenge is, “Where HSBC from here?”
Robert J. Fisher
Source: Ivey Publishing
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HSBC Credit Card Rewards Program Case Solution
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